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Originally Posted by fortisi876 View Post
That's probably due to their paranoia of a class action lawsuit being filed, I mean did any of you know that the Sprint Hotspot feature was going to be extra ($30) ?!?!?

I sure as heck didn't, never seen it printed clearly in their advertisements nor mentioned in their commercials or the Sprint store when I bought the damn phone on the 4th. I'm just NOW finding out for the first time that there 'MAY BE' a $30 fee associated with tethering. And I'm still unclear on who to believe, one post says it's extra and other feel strongly that they don't. What I do know with certainty is that MY Evo's hot spot feature will NOT work whatsoever.
Not to be a jerk but really? It was all over the place that the wireless Hotspot would cost 29.99 per month. Albeit in the fine print on the marketing ads but still. It was all over the Internet, tech sites, this forum, Sprint's site. Granted a sales person should have mentioned it at purchase especially considering one of the questions they asked me was "Would you like to add the wireless Hotspot function for 29.99 per month?". I agree however that wired tethering was not mentioned anywhere nor was being charged for it but it was a safe assumption that it wouldn't be free. Never has been on Sprint Smartphones right out of the box.
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