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Originally Posted by JB in AZ View Post
Actually, you don't need anything special. I have GV, and "favorite 3" (or whatever it is called with Sprint) and made my GV number one of them. So, when I need to call a land line, I just call my GV number from my phone's dialer, (I have a speed dial set up for it). Then when the call is connected, GV answers, and one of the options is push 2 to make a call. I then enter the phone number I want to call followed by #, and the call is connected. Minutes are not counted.

I can give out my GV number to anyone that might call me from a land line, and GV is set to forward that caller to my cell. Slick. There are many other features of GV, but this is how I use it to avoid using minutes. The GV app will not work with this, as it is known to dial (sometimes) random numbers, rather than the one you picked when you signed up with GV. (That may not make sense, but trust me for now)

If you GV number is part of your pick 3, then you can set GV to show your Google Number when someone calls you. And, enable call presentation so it tells you who is calling. That way you avoid using minutes for incoming calls.

Last month I used 30 minutes out of my 450 any time minutes, so I am not worried about getting around using my minutes ;-)

Edit: your technique is documented in the document above. And, I'm not sure who to give the credit to, I didn't write the document, but it has lots of good info in it.
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