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Originally Posted by hakr100 View Post
Welfare can't be all that bad...what with all those corporations lining up at the public's trough.
There is a difference between "welfare" and government subsidies.

Welfare is for an individual, subsidies are not. The idea of welfare was a great one until those on it decided that they don't ever want to get off of it and will go out of their way to ensure they never get off of it. A very large percentage of people on welfare have no intentions of ever providing society with anything whereas the companies that are taking government subsidies (welfare, if you like that word better) are providing society with something.

You can call them what you wish if that is what you need to suit your liberal agenda but they are not one in the same. Not even close... and I understand that government subsidies are sometimes abused but when a hardcore liberal such as Obama dumps millions of dollars into bailout plans and drops a 6 month moratoruim on deep water drilling in the Gulf... we really can't question conservative economics... can we?
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