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Originally Posted by hakr100 View Post
Welfare as you think you know it is practically non-existent today. If you are seriously disabled, in addition to SSI, you might get a small payment from your state or local government.
Now that... is a riot! Go talk to the 300 people that live in the section 8 housing down the highway from me. There are entire communities that are surviving on government checks. I don't know what part of the country YOU live in but across the river in New Orleans... it is apparent that welfare "as I think I know it" is there in full force.

There are still, of course, subsistence payments to help maintain the children of the impoverished. If you want to take these away, you'd best have a plan ready to go that will maintain these kids.
The problem isn't the children, it is the parents that teach the children that they don't have to do anything and will receive a check at the beginning of each month. You are living in a magical little bubble if you don't see that this is still going on today. Just recently, there was a story in the paper about a man who was denied his welfare check for some reason and he stated in the newspaper "they can't take my check away, I've been on welfare for 43 years... and my mom has been on it for 80!". Yeah... it doesn't exist.

I can certain question "conservative economics." It's pretty much what has ruined this country and its middle class.
You can question it... you can also daydream about a pet unicorn... but it doesn't make your opinion any more real than that flying, horned equine!
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