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A1 - All Things Root Rooting, ROMS, Overclocking, etc.

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Default All Things Root (Acer Liquid A1) Guide [UPDATED 8/30/10]

What Is Root?
Mostly from the CyanogenMod Wiki, Cyanogenmod Wiki Terminology :
Obtaining root ("administrator", or "full") access to your phone. This means you can mount its internal memory partition as read/write, which lets you do various things: have Wi-Fi tethering, uninstall applications you otherwise can't uninstall (e.g. the Amazon MP3 store), install applications that need root access (such as AdFree), disable the camera shutter sound (simply by deleting the shutter sound file), overclock or underclock the CPU, install and boot Debian, and so on.

Through root, you can also install custom kernels/custom firmwares (or ROMs), create backups of the entire system and many more. NOTE: Rooting your device does void the warranty. While there is a way to Unroot the phone to send it in for warranty repairs, if your phone does get bricked during the process, you are most likely on your own. High risk, high reward.

How To Root The Liquid
While TheUnlockr.com is great, the rooting process they use is outdated and very risky. I highly recommend, you follow this guide:
1) Install MalezRecovery using this guide here- howToInstall - acer-liquid-malez-recovery - Project Hosting on Google Code (credits to Malez, all Downloads are on the Google Code page above).
2) Reboot into MalezRecovery (instructions are in the guide above)
3) Use Recovery to install a custom ROM which roots OR Root stock ROM by going into System Root Menu-->Root Current System-->Select a Root method (differences in Root methods can be found here- Issue 8 - acer-liquid-malez-recovery - Differences in root methods explained - Project Hosting on Google Code )

How To Install A Custom ROM Onto The Liquid
YOU MUST HAVE ÉCLAIR INSTALLED. All currently updated Custom ROMs are based on Acer Liquid Éclair firmwares. Note that ROMs can work with any Liquid firmware.
1) Make sure MalezRecovery is installed (as above under the How To Root The Liquid subsection)
2) Download the .zip file, place it in the ROOT of the SD Card, then reboot into MalezRecovery
3) In recovery, navigate to “Backup/Restore Menu,” and select “Nandroid Backup” to create a backup of the current system (just in case something goes wrong).
4) Navigate back to the main menu for the recovery and now go to the “Wipe Menu,” and wipe data.
5) Navigate back to the main menu for the recovery and now go to the “Flash/Test Menu.” If the ROM .zip is signed, just select “Flash zip from sdcard,” if not, select “Flash zip from sdcard (no sign check”). If it is signed, it usually has the word “signed” in the name. You will most likely know from the place you download the ROM. Allow the ROM to install, go to the main menu and reboot the phone.

How To Unroot The Liquid
All you have to do is to re-install Éclair. Look under “Official Éclair Update” in my guide here- http://androidforums.com/acer-a1/162890-acer-liquid-phone-guide-information-eclair-update-bugs-tips-more-updated-8-30-10-a.html

How To Activate Apps2SD For Éclair
You need a Custom ROM which is able to use Apps2SD (this is usually stated in the Changelog for the ROM). I usually partition my SD before installing the ROM and move apps after, but I think it can be done at any time.
1) Reboot into MalezRecovery.
2) Navigate to the “Partition/Repair SDCard Menu” and select “Partition SD.” For the settings, Swap=0, Ext2=512MB (more than this is not recommended nor necessary). And remainder as FAT32.
3) Once this is done, navigate to the Other Menu and select “Move apps to SD.” IF more space is needed, go back into Recovery and select “Move apps+dalvik to SD.” Moving the Data to SD is an option but causes the system to run pretty slowly so not recommended. If you need it, do it, but I doubt anybody needs that much space for apps.

How To Create A Backup
It is recommended that you create a backup before applying any ROMs or themes or kernels. Creating a backup is fairly quick and very easy. You SHOULD ALWAYS have a latest backup of a stable just in case anything goes wrong. The backup does save the entire system including all custom kernels/apps/settings/etc. It usually takes up between 250MB-400MB on your SDCard.
1) Reboot into MalezRecovery.
2) Navigate to the “Backup/Restore Menu.” Restoring the backup can be done in this same menu.
3) Select “Nandroid Backup” if you do not use apps2sd and “Nandroid + ext2 backup” if you do have apps2sd.

Hardware Button Combinations (I believe credits go to Paul from MoDaCo)
In case anything happens (boot loop, phone not booting, having trouble booting into recovery), try the hardware button combinations to bring it back to life

1) Make sure USB is unplugged
2) Remove and replace battery
3) Press Power+Camera+Volume Down. Phone should vibrate 2-4 times.
4) Release all buttons, then press Power+Camera
5) Phone should reboot into Recovery
In Recovery, any file named update.zip will automatically be flashed (which is why I never keep any file named update.zip on my SDCard). Ignore that. Just go into the Backup/Restore Menu and restore any Nandroid backups. If you do not have any backups, just re-flash the ROM.
1) Remove and replace battery
2) Plug USB Cable to PC
3) Camera+”<”, then Power
(fastboot commands must include USB ID, e.g. 'fastboot -i 0x0502 reboot')
Hard Reset
Volume Up/Volume Down+Power

Where Can I Find These Custom ROMs?
As of right now, just go to the Acer Liquid MoDaCo Forums ( http://android.modaco.com/category/418/acer-liquid-liquid-modaco-com/ )or Acer Liquid XDA Forums ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=583 ). I am working on a directory of currently updated/popular ROMs.

If there is anything else you need, please create a thread or let me know via PM. If I think of anything else, I will add it to this guide.

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