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Default Galaxy Ace CM9.1 RC2 - What applications can we delete?

[B] Hello,
Good Morning .. [/ B]

Since the beginning I a pologize if I posted in the wrong place, if so, if possible to redirect to the correct location!!

I've been through this, request help on what applications are installed on CyanogenMod 9.1 RC2 Galaxy ACE can erase the ROM after installed came with 4KB of free space in ROM, internal space came with 123.0MB (is not this more internal but the desire to release the ROM, so I can not turn to some applications that use system applications, some sound that I would not damage the Rom I blacked out, but those who still have doubts about its functions and reactions to with Rom.

The list is rather long, I know it gets boring, tiring for help, who else can, please deem this helps ...

Schedule 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.calendar)
Storage agenda-4.0.4 eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.calendar)
4.0.4 Storage Configuration-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.settings)
Storing contacts 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.contacts)
Storing DRM protected content-4.0.4 eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.drm)
Storing messages / phone 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.telephony)
Media Storage 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.media)
Configuration Wizard 1.3 (com.google.android.setupwizard)
Wizard 4.0.4 package-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.defcontainer)
Market Updater 1.0 (com.android.vending.updater)
Calculator 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.calculator2)
com.android.backupconfirm 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.backupconfirm)
com.android.sharedstoragebackup 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.sharedstoragebackup)
com.android.smspush 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.smspush)
Comment on Market 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.feedback)
Sharing Bluetooth 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.bluetooth)
Google Partner Setup 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.partnersetup)
Settings 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.settings)
Accounts (com.keramidas.virtual.ACCOUNTS)
Contacts 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.contacts)
Camera 1 (com.android.camera)
Dev Tools 1.0 (com.android.development)
User Dictionary 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.userdictionary)
Downloads 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.downloads.ui)
E-mail 4.1 (com.android.email)
Equalizer 2.0 (com.bel.android.dspmanager)
Structure of Google services 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.gsf)
File Manager 1.1.6 (org.openintents.cmfilemanager)
Gallery 1.1.30682 (com.google.android.gallery3d)
Ger. Con. Google 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.gsf.login)
Download Manager 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.downloads)
Google Backup Transport 4.0.4-255454 (com.google.android.backup)
Google One Time Init 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.onetimeinitializer)
Google Play Store 08/03/17 (com.android.vending)
4.0.4 Installer certificate-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.certinstaller)
4.0.4 bundle installer-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.packageinstaller)
Interferon-sist 4.0.4 eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.systemui)
Key Chain 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.keychain)
Reader 4.0.4 HTML-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.htmlviewer)
Local network 01/01/08 (com.google.android.location)
Reading text engine Google 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.tts)
Messages 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.mms)
Messaging (SMS & MMS) (com.keramidas.virtual.XML_MESSAGES)
My uploads 01/05/14 (com.google.android.apps.uploader)
MusicFX 1.4 (com.android.musicfx)
New Launcher 1.3.1 (com.teslacoilsw.launcher)
Bluetooth pairings (com.keramidas.virtual.BLUETOOTH_PAIRINGS)
Country, Language, Time Zone (com.keramidas.virtual.COUNTRY_LANG_TZ)
Google Search (com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox)
Peak TTS 1.0 (com.svox.pico)
Background (com.keramidas.virtual.WALLPAPER)
Points of Wi-Fi (com.keramidas.virtual.WIFI_AP_LIST)
Points of Wi-Fi (com.keramidas.virtual.XML_WIFI_AP_LIST)
Call Log (com.keramidas.virtual.XML_CALL_LOG)
Clock 2.0.3 (com.android.deskclock)
Search Applications Provider 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.providers.applications)
Picker animated background 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.wallpaper.livepicker)
Sync Google Calendar 4.0.3-239410 (com.google.android.syncadapters.calendar)
Synchronization of contacts from Google 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.syncadapters.contacts)
Favorites Synchronization Google 4.0.4-299849 (com.google.android.syncadapters.bookmarks)
Spare Parts 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.spare_parts)
Keyboard Android 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.inputmethod.latin)
Phone 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.phone)
Themes 0.1 (com.tmobile.themechooser)
Themes Provider 2.0.25 (com.tmobile.thememanager)
SIM Toolkit 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.stk)
Exchanging services 4.1 (com.android.exchange)
Usage data (Policies & estat.) (Com.keramidas.virtual.DATA_USAGE)
VpnDialogs 4.0.4-eng.maclaw.20120814.101117 (com.android.vpndialogs)
Widgets Application (com.keramidas.virtual.APP_WIDGETS)

Now appreciate the help of anyone who can, to excuse the english translated!!


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I know CM always maintains a wiki for this, its is jut one google search away,

Check this links.
Barebones - CyanogenMod Wiki
Give me some MB's http://db.tt/IzxPvtOl
Samsung galaxy S3 GT-I9300 Running Stock Jelly Bean 4.1.2
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