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Default Google Voice - Making calls without data

I have a samsung vibrant without a data plan. I use wi-fi for internet.

I want to use only my google voice number with the phone. I want my callerid to be my google voice number, always.

When I have wi-fi, I use the google voice app and my call is through google voice, the other side sees my google voice number. (Not entirely through wi-fi, I use my voice minutes).

Is there a way to make my callerid my google voice number when I am making a regular call (without data)?

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Sipgate.com account + Google Voice number + Sipdroid on phone = free calls.

You set up a sipgate account. You will then receive a number. All incoming calls are free but you have 60 free outgoing minutes. This is where GV comes in. Input the VoIP phone settings from Sipgate in Sipdroid on your phone (when you connect Sipdroid there will be a green icon in the notification). Go to Google Voice and add your Sipgate number as a call back number.

Now if Sipdroid is working properly (make a test call) and running (Green Icon in Notification), install GVoice Callback from the Market and set your Sipgate number as callback. Choose for GVoice Callback to intercept every call, no calls, or ask for every call. I choose ask every time. Now when you make a call it will pop up for either a Normal Call or Google Voice. If you choose Google Voice it sends data through the net for GV to call you back (your sipgate number) which will ring Sipdroid and you will have free calls.


Sorry I misread your post.
You can also use GVoice callback to choose between using your normal phone number or GV number if you set your cell as the callback. I use it all the time and it works great. I set to ask everytime I make a call. Also acts as a guard against accidental dialing.

But that uses some data. You can try Phoner from the Market or Flex Dialer. Both are Prefixers and will automatically dial your GV number first, input your PIN, press 2 to dial out, dial the number you want to call, and press #. This will call using your GV number and show it on the Caller ID. All while using no data.
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Originally Posted by furkansahin View Post
Is there a way to make my callerid my google voice number when I am making a regular call (without data)?
Call your own google voice number. Enter you pin number. Then you can place a call through google voice by entering that number, and your GV should show on their caller id.

If you don't want to type in the number every time, you can add the calling procedure to your contacts so that it will call GV + PIN + number or something like that.
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IIRC there's an app to place all outbound calls via your GV number (used by people that use the calling circle approach for free calls). I don't have the name of the app off the top of my head though.
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