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Confused Sending a Google Maps route to my android device...

Quick question…

I am trying to send myself a custom route I made in Google Maps to my Android Device.

I'd post the route but I don't want everyone knowing where I live and work LMFAO…

However, I created driving directions from my office to my house, then dragged some corner points to create an alternative route home (that is very complicated (but all back streets) as an experiment.

Since someone made a bomb threat against the city today — I thought "Gee, what a good opportunity to test out a back-roads way to get home" and maybe save myself time in rush hour at the same time!

The problem is — even though my route comes out PERFECT in Google Maps in the desktop browser (all of the turn-by-turns and the map path are all drawn correctly) — when I send it to my email account and pop it up on Google Maps for Android — the turn-by turn directions match but the map itself is COMPLETELY butchered.

It looks like my 2 year old scribbled on a map with a blue marker — the lines don't even follow STREETS and it is literally just a giant pile of scribbles.

If I pop it up in Google Navigation, Google Navigation just decides whatever route IT THINKS is best go get to my house and completely ignores the custom turn-by-turns.

I am not THAT worried about it, but for future reference is there a way to ACCURATELY transfer a custom route created on the desktop browser Gmaps and send it to my device WITHOUT it ending up as a pile of scribbles and nonsense?

I can print or keep the turn-by-turns on my screen as I drive it to make sure I don't screw up, it is not a big deal — but I am glad I saw this flaw before I actually needed to rely on it for some purpose later on down the road!


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Take a look at 'BestRoute'.
The app let you make waypoints and put this in Maps navigation.

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Edit: What I just wrote doesn't actually work. I don't think there is a way,would be good if there was though.

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