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Default Outliner: Recommendations?

Well, it seems official now: there will be no port of CarbonFin's most-excellent outliner to Android. Per feedback@carbonfin.com, "Unfortunately, there are no current plans to build an Android version."

What I'm looking for:

- Support heirarchical presentation
  e.g.  Numbers
                License Plate
                Effective Date
                Expiration Date

- Allow expand/collapse topics/branches

- Allow "Remarks/Comments" for each leaf, which]
  can be hidden or shown.

- Support exporting to text, .XLS, or OPML  

- Able to back up as discrete files (i.e. not
  co-mingled with some system file or another)


- Cloud repository that can be synched with handheld
  and referenced/edited on it's own via web browser.

- Search facility

- Import from CarbonFin's OPMH export file.
What I've tried:
  • Apsalus: Can't figure out the UI
  • Outliner: Lacks functionality
  • GoogleTasks: The most CarbonFin-like UI, seems easiest to use, but seems to lack any facility for importing/exporting. Or am I just missing it? With import/export, it would seem tb the ticket given one could be comfortable with privacy considerations.
  • NoteLynX Pro: A contender so far, but UI still a bit clumsy/arcane and also lacking in the import/export area.
What is it with Android list management? Hasn't anybody heard of OPML?


Edit 2013 01-15 1007:

The more I fool around with Google Tasks and TinjaSoft's "Google Tasks Organizer", the more I think that's the ticket. Only thing I can see missing at the moment is an option to hide the checkboxes.

In fact, the excellent synch, the pretty-good UI, and the convenience of being able to perform major editing tasks via my PC's browser seem to explain CarbonFin's decision not to port to Android: the competition from Google Tasks and the TinjaSoft product would seem tb too great.

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