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Default Contacts/People Multiple Gmail now do you move contacts & choose where to save


This is driving me nuts!!! tried for hours to find a solution or suitable app.

Had numerous android phones, HTC One X at moment.

Stock Contacts/People App.

I have two gmail accounts, one frequent personal contacts another family orientated so do not want to merge or even group.

I can view them fine individually or all together by using the dropdown and check the ones I want but two questions.

1) Even if I uncheck Gmail Account A so only viewing those from Gmail B, when I add a new contact it automatically adds it to GM A, I guess the first alphaetically.
It ignores all the other types of un-checked contacts, sim, facebook etc.

When you add, you can click on the account type. but it only says "google" not which account, it does then give you all the accounts so you can choose then.
I have just checked and it does remember your last choice so not so bad but simply does not display anywhere which account the contact is linked to.

Consequently the last 20 or so I have added have all been for the wrong account.

which leads me to
2) Is there a way to change the underlying gmail account on a contact, you can change groups etc but nothing about the gmail. I could retype, perhaps export and import but think that really should not be necessary, especially as it will be very easy to do again.

I am 99% sure stock contacts/people USE to be able to change the gmail account when you went into edit. This does not appear to be possible any more. Perhaps another one of those "Upgrades"! that takes away useful functions and replaces them with bugs & pointless stuff.

I have tried numerous 3rd party apps but none seem to do this either, again I am sure one or two did.

This seems such a basic & simple thing.
I guess the phone syncing with gmail could cause issues if you were constantly moving many contacts from one to another.

Any ideas or good apps.?
thanks i/a.

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I can't help but just to confirm your suspicions that you've been "upgraded" to less functionality... On my Gingerbread-based LG Optimus S, when I open the stock (Android I think) contacts app, hit the physical settings button, and then select "New Contact", it displays a window that forces me to select which of my two Gmail accounts or Hotmail account I want to add the new contact to (before I can actually add the contact). I'm surprised that you don't have such an option.
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Don't sync. I don't. I've got contacts in the vcf format on the computer. Just stick them on the phone via USB.
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I'm running Android 4.1.2 on a Galaxy S4.

When I add a new contact, I can choose which account to add this contact for (or, if I want it to be a phone only contact).

I dont think its a part of TouchWiz. Does Sense have its own Contacts app? Maybe HTC took away the functionality for some reason?

Regardless, I dont think its an Android issue.
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I had a problem syncing my contacts from my android phone, and need to undo the sync. Please help. .
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