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Ziplip How can I find spyware on my phone?

hey i think i hav spyware on my phone. is there a website i can run apps to identify them?

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Originally Posted by anitahitt View Post
hey i think i hav spyware on my phone. is there a website i can run apps to identify them?
You could just download an Anti-Virus like AVG for mobile...

That should catch spyware, unless you are talking about something that monitors your movement and location and such.

If so, if you can't find the location of it, wipe the phone with a factory reset and this will solve your dilemma.
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What if the ROM and / or system partition have been modified? How would you detect this?
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Unless the phone is rooted that can't happen.
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Or give this one a shot - it is highly reviewed and I know a ton of people swear by it.

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Downloading an antivirus app for your phone should definitely catch and remove any spyware you've got.

Of course, being an ESET employee I'm going to echo jameswebb and recommend ESET Mobile Security for Android. I'd also recommend downloading their USSD Control as well. I haven't heard of too many people exploiting this vulnerability but it's good to know the protection is already in place and it takes so little room on the phone (just 152kb) it doesn't make any sense not to.
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A lot of folks mistake adware for spyware. You might have installed an app that uses air push to pop up ads. Try Addons Detector.
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before i start let me say i know who is responsible, but do not want to make a mountain out of a mold hill.
while sitting on my couch i noticed the screen of my droid 2x lightup as if i was getting a incoming call, but the phone never rings. as i am watching the screen a cursor arrow appears, goes to the top middle of the screen and appeared to be clicking on something. everytime it clicked, a small box would appear with the word "volume". it appeared the cursor arrow was trying to increase the volume. never touched the phone, just watched the cursor do this a couple times. the cursor acted identically as it would on a computer that had remote access installed. at this time my phone security was a firewall and a seperate sms/mms call blocker app, which obveously did nothing to alert me to a incoming no-ring call. (after this happened i noticed i had received 3 missed call notifications all received a minute apart, all from a unknown #) -my phone never rang for any of them .
a couple days later i noticed a unknown icon on the top right of my screen, my closes guess was that it resembled in some respects the "speaker phone on" icon. when i pressed the speaker phone icon i could hear a noise from the speaker and when i put the phone to my ear, i could hear somebody's televison running in the backround. have upgraded to virus protection etc, but am wondering if there are any files left in my phone that would show this patch setup?
ps. the person responsible is a nurd that works within the phone industry and there is no relation ship what so ever.
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If there is anything bad on the device you could factory reset or download another type of AV for it like Avast or Lookout. Uninstalling the shady app is a good solution also.
But like luna said, if it's adware with popups than it's fine.
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