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Default Apps keep stopping

About 3 months ago I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4. Now, as if losing battery at a quick pace wasn't enough of a problem, I have now found another issue. This issue has become a pain and even after restarting my phone, the problem still occurs. Whenever I open an application, a few seconds later it freezes and then the screen goes black for a few seconds until I go back to my home screen with a message that says "___ has stopped."
This usually happens with Kik, Viber and Instagram. I haven't really used other applications so I don't know if those have a problem too. But what confuses me even more is that if I, for example, am using Instagram, and Kik is NOT in use or running in the background, Instagram freezes and then I get a message saying "unfortunately, kik has stopped"
What? And also, I tried to download an app, and once it had started to install, the play store would crash and I would receive a message saying "Play store has stopped"
It has happened so many times that I have memorised its pattern. First, it will freeze, then close with a black screen for 5 seconds, then I would go to my home page and receive an annoying message. What the hell is wrong? I have checked to see if it is a fake, but I am 99% sure it isn't. Help.

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