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Google Voice Callback FREE
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This app detects your outgoing call, and uses Google Voice (GV) to call you back and connect you to the call. With appropriate setup, Google Voice Callback can help you to get free outgoing calls. HOWEVER, you do NOT get free calls just by installing this app. Read the FAQ on what else you need to do. Detailed controls giving YOU the flexibility and power to choose when and for which numbers to use callback with Google Voice. Google Voice Callback can be combined with Gizmo5/Sipdroid/Fring/Sipgate or other VOIP solutions to make free calls over wifi or 3G. If you use multiple callback number in Google Voice (home/work/SIP, etc.), there is an option for you to choose between those callback numbers before every call. Auto-answer the callback call Call log clean up: call log looks like just as you would expect when placing an outgoing call You can choose to use callback for all calls, or be asked before every call. Turn callback on/off with flexible weekly schedule Filter whether to use callback by number/wildcard Can use Google Voice accounts on the phone (no password needed) Home screen shortcut to toggle on/off Locale/Tasker plugin to turn on/off If you like the app, or the app has saved you money, please consider donating by buying the donate version of the same app! (keywords: GVCB, gvcallback, VOIP, Google Voice, GV, GVoice Callback) Recent changes: v0.11: - New contact group callback rule - New whether number saved in contacts rule - Moved some settings to the new Advanced Settings page - More user friendly waiting for callback dialog - Option to not show the waiting for callback dialog - See details on website Content rating: Everyone... Read More

Downloads 50,000-250,000

Developed by Xinlu

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Default Google Voice Callback: Great, simple to use app that maximizes your GV.

This is the app for you if you want to:
* make outgoing calls using your Google Voice number every time to numbers you choose
* make outgoing calls using your mobile number every time to numbers you choose
* not have to make a selection or decision about which to do every time you make a call

Why it's so great:
* there is no routing number, your actual GV number is used.
* only one number has to be added to Friends and Family (Fave5 etc.)
* no more checking to be sure the routing number hasn't changed
* allows you to fully utilize GV

Slight inconvenience:
* added step for placing calls

How it works:
Google Voice Callback intercepts your non-excluded outgoing calls and calls you using your GV number, "answer" your phone and the call is placed. Simply set up the filters to use GV for all calls and then exclude any numbers you want. Excluded numbers are made through your carrier and all other numbers are made with your GV number automatically! It can also be used with Gizmo5/Sipdroid/Fring/other VOIP options.

This app works flawlessly with GV and is a breeze to set up. Once your filters are created and your GV is set up the way you want this app kicks in and removes the need to toggle between settings/selections for each call made. It just works and works very well. It is very stable (I have had NO issues at all) and it maximizes GV's capabilities.

The only possible drawback is the need to answer your phone in order to make a call but, once you get used to it, it is well worth the 'hassle'. There is no reason not to use this app!

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Thanks for posting this. Just set this up on my Evo with fring/gizmo5 and works perfectly. Tried a bunch of other things before this and nothing really worked. This was pretty straight forward!
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Current version allows you to auto-answer the callback, so you don't even have the "extra step" to answer.
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I have GV and the GV Callback app. I have my Sprint number set as my GV number with the Sprint\GV integration option. With Sprint, I can call any cell phone number in the US (regardless of carrier) and any cell phone can call me and neither uses any of my anytime minutes. If I make a call to a non-cell phone number (like a house number or business number) and its not the night or weekend it uses my anytime minutes. I have GV Callback set for all my outgoing calls, is this using any of my anytime minutes?
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