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Gentle Alarm
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free TRIAL version available * most popular Android alarm * WANT GENTLE ALARM IN YOUR LANGUAGE? CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO HELP TRANSLATE! You can earn cash with this! NO MORE UPDATE REQUIREMENTS!! ** Buyers within the European Union: 19% VAT will be add to the sales price ** Full explanation of all permissions given below. - very feature rich - speech input and output - dock support - tries to you wake you up during light sleep (optional, see below) - music, playlists, can create own playlists by choosing an artist or genre... - uses own media player for super-gentle fade-in of music - silent alarm with slowly increasing vibration - night display - large button mode for users with glasses - flip to snooze - Puzzle or math tests if you are awake - Tasker and SleepBot support - very customizable An alarm clock shouldn't shell-shock you out of your dreams. That's why I created Gentle Alarm which tries to wake you up during light sleep using an optional pre-alarm. Alarm clocks can't know if you are in light sleep or deep sleep (those movement based alarm clock don't work) but they can play a very quiet pre-alarm which you will only hear if you are in light sleep. If you are in deep sleep, you will simply sleep through the pre-alarm. The pre-alarm plays 30min before you really want to get up (you can change that). If the pre-alarm wakes you up, you will be more refreshed than if you had slept until the main alarm because at that time you would have fallen back into deep sleep. Give it a try and I am sure you won't want to miss it anymore. Of course, the app has all the usual features of a great alarm clock: It can switch to a night display automatically when docking the phone. It can automatically shorten the snooze time with each time you press snooze. It can automatically create playlists of your favorite artist or genre. And it allows you to change colors, fonts, and backgrounds. Gentle Alarm is still being actively improved. Lots of new features to come over the next few months... PERMISSIONS: Gentle Alarm uses the following permissions... * RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: So it can activate an alarm after you reboot the phone. After reboot, all alarms of all apps are cancelled by default. * WAKE_LOCK: So the phone can stay on while playing an alarm or while displaying the night display. * DISABLE_KEYGUARD: When the alarm rings, you don't have to unlock the phone to be able to turn the alarm off. * VIBRATE: obvious * WRITE_SETTINGS: It adjusts some system settings such as airplane mode, silent mode, etc. * WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: It logs some data on your SD card. * READ_PHONE_STATE: So it can turn off the alarm when the phone rings and prevent an alarm from ringing while you are talking on the phone. * READ_LOGS: So you can send me debug data (if you choose to) * INTERNET: So that I can display ads (trial version only). Also, if the app crashes, it offers to send me a debug report directly to my servers. The app will politely ask you if you want to send that data or not. If you do, it needs an internet connection. If not, it doesn't but I still need the permission in the app because you may want to send the debug data. Recent changes: bug fix: landscape modus was not detected new: now you can set multiple quick-alarms new: added support for the app SLEEPMETER bug fix: music was sometimes not available after reboot or mounting sd card bug fix: skipping alarm crashed if alarm time was shifted bug fix: ringer mode was incorrectly changed when exiting night display bug fix: folder selection for music missed files with upper case ext (.MP3, .Mp3) bug fix: playlist preview incorrectly stated that only up to 20 songs were found Content rating: Everyone... Read More

Downloads 50,000-250,000

Developed by mobitobi

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Default Gentle Alarm: Best Alarm Clock App for Android

I initially just started poking around looking for an alarm application that would allow me to assign ringtones (Moto Droid) that I created to be used for my morning alarm. Luckily I stumbled on Gentle Alarm and I've been using it ever since. Gentle Alarm not only allows you to assign any sound file on your phone to be used as an alarm, but it also has the most comprehensive list of features of any alarm program that I've found. You can set up multiple alarms and profiles, but one of the things that I thought was a cool feature is what they refer to as pre-alarm. You can have a pre-alarm go off a set interval ahead of your normal alarm. Another great feature is that you can have the alarm gradually increase in volume to a desired maximum volume. There is also a safe alarm function that will have a blaring buzzer alarm go off a set interval after your normal alarm at full phone volume just in case you sleep through it. You can also set the number of snoozes, and the interval between them for a totally custom setup. The developer is also extremely responsive in communication and editing the program based on the users experience. No more abrupt annoying alarms in my morning ritual any more. Just a nice soothing gradual way to wake up and start my day.

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i think Gentle Alarm is a great alarm. Really got to know this alarm from Download Squad and some of the highlight features here.

What i really like is the CAPTURA which is really innovative.
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I have to agree.
Gentle Alarm is one of the first apps I downloaded and installed, shortly after acquiring my new Galaxy S2 in the past couple of weeks.
It's marvellously configurable, and though I am not currently using its pre-alarm feature, I love having it GENTLY sound, g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y increasing in volume. I am using the rowing boat sound file to awaken and it IS gentle and quite unobtrusive.
I also like the 3 snooze periods, with a decreasing time gap between each.
I'll mention too that I like the room to be as dark as possible when I'm sleeping, so I choose violet (nearly as dark as it can be), and set the brightness to minimum so that if I choose to leave the phone connected to a charging stand, with the display on, I am not disturbed by the fairly minimal amount of light transmitted.

I am now also searching for the best talking alarm app I can find, but as far as this one goes, I think it's hard to beat or match.
It's a paid app I am happy to have and use

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I've been using gentle alarm forever. I love being able to choose what I am awakened to, recently changed the alarm to LMFAO singing wiggle-wiggle-wiggle. That get's me going in the mornings. The ability to set a limited number of snoozes is handy too. 2 snoozes for me and it's not gonna let me go back to sleep lol.

The transparent background is nice too, I like being able to see my live wallpaper when I'm groaning about having to get out of bed in xx minutes.
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cool app
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