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Default Laptop wifi KILLS router

second time today. not sure why it's just my laptop. it seems that whenever my router (Belkin Wireless G) fails to get the NTP time (in logs) it will drop connection, but ONLY IF my laptop is connected to it--the PS3, Xbox, nothing else will do it. but soon as i login my laptop, instant death, earth icon flashes, indicating failure connecting to internet. log will then display 'user from timed out' (that is my laptop) and 'Can't find NTP Time'

this will cause a loop, while the NTP server it is set to use is down, logging in with my laptop will cause an internet failure in my router, knocking off any other device using it (also happens when my laptop is the only device). if my laptop is off, or offline (disconnected) everything works, with or without NTP time sync on the router software.

here's what fixes it. going into the router config and changing the NTP server and restarting it. now what i do not undesrrstand is why the LAPTOP causes this disconnect condition and why it has anything to do with failure to get NTP time?

Additional info:

the router is designed to turn off the LEDs for Wifi on and Wired on when a LAN/WLAN client disconnects from the network. for example, while using my laptop the 'wifi on' light is lit. if i logoff my laptop, the light therefore goes off, leaving only 'modem, router, and internet' on. if i login my Xbox 360, the 'wired on' light is on. same thing if turning off the console, the 'wired on' goes out. WHENEVER THIS ISSUE happens, and my laptop is on, (and the internet of course dies with it) if i then turn my laptop off, the 'wifi on' light stays on even though it should go off. this seems to 'freeze' the router requiring a hard reset. it seems this condition is in time with the failure to get NTP time issue.

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