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Post Linix/Unix Terminal Commands

I've been fooling around with with the terminal emulator on my phone and decided to post a list of the most common commands and those of which I used.

Obviously, you need a terminal on your rooted devour to run these commands
(I personally would recommend "Android Terminal Emulator" by Jack Palevich)
If you didn't know that before I told you, then you really shouldn't use these anyway.

These commands have the potential to brick your phone if used incorrectly, but at the least they can also delete important files that could make the phone useless. Make sure you know what commands you are running and how they work. And (insert disclaimer here). You Have Been Warned.
(I got most of the off of a google search, so I can't claim them as "my own.")

* - use with ridiculously extreme caution!

Commands Regarding Files:
ls directory listing

ls -al formatted listing with hidden files

cd dir - change directory to dir

cd change to home

pwd show current directory

mkdir dir create a directory dir

rm file delete file

rm -r dir delete directory dir

rm -f file force remove file

*rm -rf dir force remove directory dir

cp file1 file2 copy file1 to file2

cp -r dir1 dir2 copy dir1 to dir2; create dir2 if it
doesn't exist

mv file1 file2 rename or move file1 to file2
if file2 is an existing directory, moves file1 into
directory file2

ln -s file link create symbolic link link to file

touch file create or update file

cat > file places standard input into file

more file output the contents of file

head file output the first 10 lines of file

tail file output the last 10 lines of file

tail -f file output the contents of file as it
grows, starting with the last 10 lines

Commands Regarding Processes:
ps display your currently active processes

top display all running processes

kill pid kill process id pid

*killall proc kill all processes named proc

bg lists stopped or background jobs; resume a
stopped job in the background

fg brings the most recent job to foreground

fg n brings job n to the foreground
File Permissions

System Info:

date show the current date and time

cal show this month's calendar

uptime show current uptime

w display who is online

whoami who you are logged in as

finger user display information about user

uname -a show kernel information

cat /proc/cpuinfo cpu information

cat /proc/meminfo memory information

man command show the manual for command

df show disk usage

du show directory space usage

free show memory and swap usage

whereis app show possible locations of app

which app show which app will be run by default


ping host ping host and output results

whois domain get whois information for domain

dig domain get DNS information for domain

dig -x host reverse lookup host

wget file download file

wget -c file continue a stopped download

***Advanced Users:

ssh user@host connect to host as user

ssh -p port user@host connect to host on port
port as user

ssh-copy-id user@host add your key to host for
user to enable a keyed or passwordless login

I am not responsible if you completely destroy/brick your device (of any kind) as a result of any information in this post. If anything goes wrong, be ready to accept FULL responsibility. Even the un-marked (*) commands may cause harm, so be prepared and informed.

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how would one enter an "AT" command directly from the command line ?
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Default I know this is an old thread

But it fits so perfectly for my use right now.

Is there a command to reboot the phone into recovery from the terminal? I have a user who seems to have lost the use of the power button and would like to try to reboot into recovery to test.

And if a guide could move this to a more general thread (if one is more fitting).

EDIT: I found it.
reboot recovery
You need to go root first (su)
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