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Default What is root or being rooted mean?

What is root or being rooted mean?

Click the "Show" button below for a root warning / disclaimer:

Here's a few threads (and excerpts from each thread) here at AF that already tackle this topic:

what is rooting?

What is root?

what is rooting

What does root or rooted mean?

To me, rooting is gaining special access to things on your phone that the carriers and manufacturers didn't intend for you to have (and they often have very good reasons for this, by the way).

To actually gain root access usually (but not always) requires uncovering some exploit that allows you to insert the su program in the /system/bin or /system/xbin directory. Additionally, you also need the Superuser.apk (whitelist app) to be installed in the /system/app directory. The Superuser app helps you manage which apps are allowed to have root access (i.e., so that not just any app can gain special control of your device).

Additionally, rooting sometimes leads to the ability to overwrite or replace the special partitions (filesystems) on your phone such as the recovery partition so you can install a new, custom recovery that will allow you to install (flash) custom ROMs (i.e., new versions of Android).

Finally, if you do root, take a peek at this thread to help you avoid some pitfalls later on:

Rooting Best Practices


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