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Replica Island
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Professor Kabochanomizu needs your help! He has created you--a small green robot with rockets for feet--to locate a mysterious artifact on a bizarre island. Fly, stomp, and roll your way through 40 challenging levels to 3 unique endings! Recent changes: New in version 1.4: Support apps on sd. Added on-screen controls, extra unlockable modes for linear play and level select, game over statistics, more difficulty levels, and lots of bug fixes. Content rating: Everyone... Read More

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Developed by Team Replica

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Default Replica Island: The Only True "Android" Game

Replica Island is one of the best games that is currently available for the Android platform. From its somewhat unconventional storyline to its quirky characters, it gives the player another reason not to put down his Android device.

It is an addictive platformer with 30 or so levels, that allows the user to play as the Google android who enjoys destroying other, wimpier robots, as well as snails, birds, and old men...
In addition to the ability to roll around like you were Bow Wow in the movie Roll Bounce. You have the ability to attack enemies by crashing down on them from above, as well as the ability to take control of other robots using your possession powers. You can even use rockets when you jump in order to reach new heights!

In Replica Island, you play the role of Mr. Android. An Android built by a crazy scientist whose sole purpose is to collect gems (in order to make money for the scientist). As the game starts out, you are discovered after having been in some sort of accident that left your memory out of whack.
The objective of the game (other than collecting gems) is to recover your memories one at a time by reliving them. Although a somewhat novel concept (at least for a cell-phone game), it was not well implemented. Memories are not recovered in any specific order, and while this could be used to build suspense for the storyline, it serves more to annoy (such as already knowing what is going to happen to this guy when you first meet him)

Controls (Droid Eris/HTC Hero):
Trackball: Roll Mr. Android around.
Large On-screen Button: Jump/ hold to use rockets
Small On-screen Button/trackball click: Attack/ hold for power ball

Positive Points:
Easy to play, yet challenging enough to keep you playing it.
Very colorful.
Inventive storyline.
Control of Mr. Android is perfect for phones with a trackball.
Hey you get to play as the Google Android!!!

Things That Need Work (update?):
Random order of memories (at least use this in a more effective way)
Repetitive levels
Glitch (if it is a glitch) that allows you to take control of robot machines (This can be very annoying when trying to take possession of a nearby robot)
Ambivalent ending (No right answer)
Too short (But 30 levels for a free game is nothing to cry about.)

Overall Impression:
I was very impressed with this game
I would give it a 4.75/5
If those issues were to be addressed, then it would be a 5/5.

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