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Default Newbie superpad help please

Superpad III
Hi everyone, newbie alert!!! I am going to look such an idiot here I know, but I have to try.....

I read all the posts in the superpad thread, but it seems to have gone dead now, so apologies if this is the wrong place.

I am as green as green can be on Android OS. I don't have a smartphone, am only used to PCs with very limited knowledge. A few days ago I bought privately a (second hand - hardly used) android tablet on the spur of the moment, mainly because it was a good price and checking the website of the genuine version the website said it had GPS.

Having read your forum pages the next day (should have done that 1st) my brain was numb with jargon, and not really any further fwd and thinking I had bought some sort of monster which required a degree in computer science to get it to work

Yes, you guessed I have the Superpad 3 clone with 8Gb storage (5.96Gb available)
2.2 system 20110529
Kernel zjd@dtlinuxserver #19

The opening page has my correct location and I have managed to get the device to recognise where I live (not China) so GPS must be working.... (and for anyone who doubts, the device does not need to be connected to a Wi-Fi signal to get the GPS to work)

There are no instructions of course, and I have fumbled around trying things and am very much still learning of course but more than likely have missed lots of things just because I don't have much of a clue what i am doing.

There is no Micro SD card with the device and I do not have a USB thumbstick either.
It seems to me that one or both of these are pretty much essential if I want to get TIM's ROM... which by all accounts of your good selves is imperative. Ha listen to me, already I am talking about rooting and FAT32 the forum stuff must be sinking in.

Let me explain what I want from this device ideally:-
Movies for airline trips (whatever battery I got, seems OK and I think it would be good for say 3 hours at least)
GPS for satnav
Midi player app to link with my keyboard (music) via USB/MIDI cabling

Am I asking too much?

Anyway, back to basics. I thought I would get a Samsung 32Gb micro card class 10. Would you think that is a reasonable thing to do?
If I get a card I can then try to get Titanium back up (No idea how to use it even if I get it is it obvious?) then a TIM ROM. Wow things change so fast, when I started reading the thread we were just at 3a, now at the end of the thread about a year later we are at 6a...TIM is a busy boy. What would you reccommend, I know 3a seems to have worked well for lots of you...?

So if I installed this root thing - instruction for that seems straightforward (thanks to Shane, Compubyte and others).. could I expect GPS to work with maybe co pilot 8 (seems to be the one to go for)? Not sure then about movies, I mean could I rip a DVD on my PC and put it onto the micro card... would that work when the android 'looked' at the card. Or is there a better way? I am really sorry for this simpleton stuff, I just don't have any ideas... The download link to a pdf file for Superpad 2 instructions is down, so I am really lost.
Another thing, I don't have a gmail account, do I need to set one up (on a PC or on the SP3)? to buy apps.

So to summarise, the Qs are :
Which of TIMs upgrades would you recommend for my system (link please if possible)
Do I need a Micro card first
Can I expect co pilot to work reasonably well as a satnav with a card installed
How do I get 3 or 4 films on to the system to play without Wi-Fi (on an airplane)
Do I need a gmail account (how to go about that)

Thanks ever so much for your patience.

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