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Default Black Fashion - Ployer MOMO19 Quad-Core Tablet Review

The new Ployer MOMO19 is an Allwinner A31 powered slate with a below average 9.7 inch IPS screen. Yes, this device is all about the chipset, and I’m talking about a quad-core processor based on Cortex-A7 frame. And until the RK3188 powered PIPO M9 goes on sale at the end of this month, this is probably the most powerful Chinese tablet you can get your hands on.

Key Features

◇9.7” 16M-color IPS display of XGA resolution (1024X768 pixels)

◇Weighs 630g, 238.4mm*185.5mm*9.3mm in size.

◇Allwinner A31 chipset: Quad-core 1.2GHZ ARM Cortex-A7 processor; 2GB of DDR3 RAM; PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU

◇Stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

◇16GB of built-in-memory

◇VGA front facing camera; 5.0MP rear-facing camera

◇ACC Stereo speaker

◇HDMI TV-out

◇USB host

◇MicroSD card slot

◇Standard 3.5mm audio jack

◇Adobe Flash 11 support

◇2160p video playback

◇8000mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery

Retail Package

The tablet is packed in an extremely slim paperback box.

Along with the tablet itself, I also found those things in the paperback box.


My first and lasting impression of the MOMO19 was one of a well-constructed and durable machine. The tablet's brilliant In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen is a premium panel that's fronted by damage-resistant Glass, and the back side is black aluminum. These two sides of the slate give it a look and feel that instills confidence when you hold it in your hand.

At 630g and 9.3mm thick, it's not the lightest or thinnest option around, though ployer isn't exactly known for churning out ultra-slim tablets. Still, the MOMO19 feels great in hands, and that extra bit of thickness lends the device a solid, reassuring grip.

Similar to other Chinese Android tablets, I have seen a strong showing of ports and slots. Besides the Micro USB data port and 3.5mm audio jack, there is also a Mini-HDMI connector, a 2.5mm charging connector, and a microSD card slot to augment the 16GB of internal storage. What should be mentioned is that Ployer has carefully covered the micro SD card slot and HDMI, USB port with the dust-proof lid. As for hardware controls, there are only a power/standby switch and a back button. You have to use the touch screen to control the volume of the device.

Display and Sound

As for the 9.7 inch display itself, it can hardly be described as eye-catching. The resolution stays XGA standard with a PPI of 132, easily dwarfed by those tablets with Retina or FHD displays. However, I would still say it’s a decent choice since the Soc. manufacturers haven’t made that much progress in the GPU department of the chipset to work a retina display perfectly.

The IPS display on the MOMO19 has great viewing angles and vibrant colors, but the brightness of the screen is quite weak, making it almost impossible to use the device outdoor.

Despite having only one speaker gate, this model played music clearly. We tested it with Fun’s energetic "We are Young" and Lana Del Rey's soft and melodic "Video Games", not only was the music comprehensible, the volume was also quite pleasant. The ACC enhancement gives the sound some stereo effect, too. I have already streamed many clips of online videos since I received the tablet two weeks ago.


I've rehashed Jelly Bean so many times that it feels downright superfluous to spend more than a few sentences outlining this tablet's Android 4.1.1 software. Still, with Google I/O around the corner, the prospect of Jelly Bean looms, and it's worth mentioning that newer devices such as the MOMO19 will probably get a 4.2 update at some point.

As with many other Chinese Android tablets, the volume rocker sits on the system bar. Ployer didn't exercise more restraint than usual with the software pre-load on this tablet. Booting the tablet up for the first time, you'll be greeted with Dopool, Chinese perpetual calendar, YouTube, QQ music, Winrar, Baidu Input and 4k video player app-- not to mention the full Google suite of apps and a bundle of productivity programs including MOMO HD app market and Documents to go -- in the app menu. Never fear, though: you can cut down on the bloat by disabling what you don't need under Settings.

Navigating the Android 4.1 interface is very fluid and easy, I have never encountered any glitches with the tablet's responsiveness. Even when I was scrolling through photo-heavy sites, the MOMO19 stayed smooth and sloppy.


We're getting quite used to seeing Chinese tablets that serve up Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean with smooth, fast performance now, and the MOMO19 belongs to this breed, thanks to the all new quad-core Allwinner A31 CPU, which is based on ARM Cortex-A7 frame and used 40nm workmanship, The main frequency of each core can reach the speed of 1.2GHZ. The choice of PowerVR SGX544MP2 as its GPU made A31 one of the most graphically powerful chipset ever made for Android devices.

As a tablet using a brand new chipset, MOMO19 has done pretty well in most of the benchmark tests. In Nenamark2 and Antutu benchmark tests, MOMO19 has beaten all the Cortex-A9 dual core tablets. Although the scores of HTML5 and Metal tests through Vellamo seem somewhat disappointing, but I seriously doubt it’s due to the lack of optimization for this new chipset, and I hope there will soon be firmware updates which help unleash all the powers of this new quad-core tablet.

The Ployer MOMO19 is a much stronger performer than those benchmark score numbers illustrate. Everything—opening apps, multitasking, playing games, browsing the Web, streaming HD videos—on this device happened quickly and smoothly, without lag. In my crazy multitasking test, running a few online-chatting applications in the background, streaming several online HD videos in the stock browser which has already opened more than 20 tabs of image-heavy web pages, and I am also using the 4K player to run 4 HD videos on different floating windows at the same time, The MOMO19 remained very responsive.

Thanks to the impeccable PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU, playing games on the MOMO19 is even more pleasurable than it is on Exynos 4412 powered tablets such as the Benyi Miracle One, everything happens faster with more graphic contents. I have already been very skilled in playing games such as “Crazy Cars” and “Asphalt 7” on RK3066 and Exynos 4412 tablets, but with the MOMO19, I have to readapt coz everything comes in more frames within the same amount of time.

When it comes to video playback, MOMO19 is even more powerful, the Allwinner Soc in it can easily support different formats of clips to 2160P, and the 4K video player app can enable playing 4 clips of HD videos in 4 different floating windows. The IPS display and the ACC stereo speaker make my video watching experience with MOMO19 the most enjoyable ever!


The MOMO19 has been treated by Ployer with a 5.0 Mega-pixels rear facing camera and a VGA front facing video-chatting camera. For a tablet, the rear side camera can shoot above average images, but the front-facing camera is more or less a disappointment, it cannot even do a decent job of producing clear facial images during video-chatting.

Photoes taken by rear side camera

Photo taken by front-facing camera

Battery Life

The MOMO19's 8000mAh battery really helped the slate stand out on my Battery Rundown Test, which involves running a 720P definition video on loop with the screen brightness at 30 percent, speaker volume at 50%, and WiFi off. The unit ran for 10 hours and 2 minutes until the battery died. It is quite decent since RK3066 tablets with the same screen size and battery capacity can only last a little more than 8 hours in the same test.

Of course, this is still no match for the Benyi Miracle one’s 12:40, but it definitely outruns most of the Chinese Android tablets currently on the scene. That the MOMO19 delivered this number while using a more powerful, faster processor than the dual core generation of tablets makes this even more remarkable.


I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from a tablet engineered around a brand new A7 frame quad-core processor. But I can say with confidence that the MOMO19 is an excellent tablet. It comes with the latest technology, generous storage, abundant ports and slots, exceptional battery life, a nice screen, and a high quality rear-facing camera—all for a very competitive price.

Ever since the A31 chipset hit the market, there has been fierce debate whether quad-core A7 processor can outdo dual core A9 processors such as RK3066 and Amlogic MX in raw processing power, and how it will compare to existent quad-core chipsets such as Exynos 4412 and Tegra3. I may not be entitled to tell you on the most scientific level whether A31 beats RK3066, but I can say that A31 processor can produce far more than enough power for running any android application smoothly, at least that’s what you can expect MOMO19 to do!

If the MOMO19 is the bellwether, though, 2013 promises to be an exciting time for tablet enthusiasts. Since the generation of quad-core Android tablets is evolving right before our eyes, I might suggest waiting to see what comes next before dropping down your dollars for a vanguard machine like this one. However, I can say with confidence that the MOMO19 is a good-looking, strong-performing tablet that seems poised to stand proudly with the rest of the 2013 tablet pack.

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