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HTC Amaze 4G review

Well it arrived yesterday, just enough energy in it to activate the new sim card and import some contacts as well. It was a nicely designed box that was heavily protected.


Well I thought it was going to be big I mean going from 4Ē screen G2X to a 4.3Ē HD screen. But as I put it in the palm of my hand it didnít feel bigger. Putting the two side by side visually not that bigger a touch wider is all it seems. But one thing I have to remember is i am 6 4 240 lbs and have moderate size hands so nothing seems that big in my hand.


Well comparing the two phones it isnít that much heavier with the standard battery but one thing it does feel is stronger extremely well built fits your hand really well. Its molded and contoured and they put some thought in the case design when it comes to replacing the battery. There is one button at the bottom of the phone you click and the back pops off. I can do a battery change in like 20 seconds without any problems. If you have a TPU or hard slip on case like the body glove it will be easy. Two piece cases though it takes a bit of time and then there is the worry the two piece case will not stay together anymore due to constantly opening and closing it. I saw this happen on my body glove case for my G2X. Matter in fact broke a few tabs but body glove replaced the case without hesitation.


I was skeptical I mean 1800mah doesnít seem like much when your rocking a 4.3 HD screen. But this comes with gingerbread so they addressed a lot of power drain concerns. The first full charge phone on and charging and with some heavy I mean heavy usage loading like 137 apps from the market , setting up the settings, moving things around on the screens There are 7 now instead of the 5 on my G2X. It went 6 hours and then totally dead. I charged it again but this time the phone was turned off. Looked down and saw the indicator light YES an indicator light wow did I miss this. It was green. Now a small amount of emails a small amount of texting and no chatting it went 30 hours before it was totally dead. Charged it again this time phone on then when it it was green I unplugged it turned it off and plugged it again and it went orange so needed additional charging. This is a trick with HTC. Iíve noticed with their phones it the only phone that even when plugged in charging and your using the phone you can loose charge. Its like it puts it on a very low trickle charge.


OK This phone is fast Dual 1.5 processors lots of ram as well. Boots up extremely fast and turns off faster as well. There is no lag whatsoever on loading programs. Its immediate. I even checked what programs were loaded and it had a bunch pre loaded yet it didnít even make it stutter. Sometimes with my G2X it would come to a stand still just freeze and be very slow in response. No matter what I throw at this phone it doesnít slow it down. Even using an IRC chat client with yahoo messenger running as well it wouldnít studder.

My G2X did not have a loud ringer. I had to go out on zingo and get a super loud ringer to hear it. The Amaze is loud and the speaker placement is nice. Unlike a G2X at the bottom you donít have to cup you hand around the bottom of the phone to watch a you tube video or something streaming. Speakers are placed well. I find myself turning the volume down most of the time.

Call Clarity:

Crystal clear calls. When I hear someone speaking they are clear its like there standing right next to me and the noise canceling on it is the best. Standing next to a busy road walking my dog I received a call. I didnít have to plug my ears to hear the person and they didnít have to pick my voice out either. I havenít had a dropped call either. As for making calls such a nice keyboard and its fast your dial the number put it to your ear screen goes black pull it from your ear it wakes up immediately. My G2x would get confused and I couldnít use the keypad. This was a PITA when in a voice prompt system where you have to keep hitting keys to get to the right department. Also the keypad just slides away as well giving you access to the other keys.

Signal Strength:

This phone has a great antenna on it. It my bedroom I usually would have one to two bars on my G2x and my DINC 1 bar, so I used wifi in there. Now I'm two to three bars regularly and I step outside instantly maxed signal strength. Closest tower to me is a 2.34 miles away according to an app to locate towers. Battery life is much longer because it isnít constantly looking for a stronger signal. In the movie theater we were in normally not one bar at all, but with the Amaze I had two bars pretty constantly. I turn my phone off as soon as we sit down in our seats.


Well I havenít dropped it yet but I have a TPU case on it and with the gorilla glass it should be fine. I have found two piece cases split apart on impact and the one piece off better protection. I do not was it on a belt clip or holster. I found my phone got the most damage from wearing it this way. It just sits in my pants pocket or coat pocket.

Screen Clarity:

OK this is the one phone I can use in bright sunlight and see the screen. Its clear the colors are not washed out and bright. You come indoors its also easy on the eyes as well. In the total darkness its easy on the eyes as well. You could easily read a book on it at night without that white glare you can get on some screens.


OK its just fast. You hold the button down and it just snaps one after another. There isnít lag. The picture quality is amazing better than my digital camera as well and this is in a camera. Recording video is nice as well. See this phone on the side of it ha sa button for the camera and for the video. I do not have to start it from the app screen so on demand quick shots can be made. It has everything but an elaborate photo editing software in it. Fantastic camera id say one of the best I have seen.


Lots of bloatware on this between the sense and T-Mobiles load lots of stuff. But it handing apps is great, I goto the battery use screen and see only the apps using like 2 percent of the charge the most drain is the display. On my G2x my idle was almost as bad as the display. Also every app I have downloaded from the app market work to no force closes or weirdness like that.


There are a bunch of cases, docks, batteries, holders, screen protectors, and mem cards for it. The Amaze is a phone still using a mem card slot So I have 16 gig on-board and 32 gig in the mem slot. I did go with an Ace Soft 2050mah battery and it last along time. I go all day and late in the night before. I need to recharge it. It doesnít go from 100 percent to 92 percent really fast than the draw tapers off.


Well this phone will get ICS so maybe I'll really get to see how fast two processors are. I have been also told it will get the software jelly bean I think it is as well due to its speed and architecture. I'll believe it when I see it.


Iím glad I didnít wait for the HTC One X or S or that matter the Galaxy SIII. It has a replaceable battery, a mem card slot and I needed those. Newer phone are unifying and giving you this like cloud access to store your info. Now keep in mind you have to have a signal or wifi for that matter to access it. I donít I can listen to music or watch a movie without any signal. Battery life is more than acceptable for me. Speed wow just fast. Calls are so nice to make now I donít have to dread answering the phone in busy environments. Its going to be upgraded to new software as well. I couldnít ask for a better phone is this tech area right now.

This review is after about two weeks of use.

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