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Default Memory Management (task killing), another view

Ok after seeing the somewhat heated threads on here about whether or not to use a task killer to help mange memory and improve performance on the droid Eris I decided to run my own little unscientific test.

So just a bit of background, Iíve been in enterprise wide IT for 10 years now. I will say that my O/S knowledge is not exactly current but that may not be a bad thing for this. I will also state that what I report is just my own experience and I have not repeated is several times to validate anything. YMMV!

About four weeks ago my Eris was running like poo. Slow, lag city and getting almost unusable. I had been using Advanced Task killer quite liberally during this time trying to keep the device usable. Short term it seemed to help restore some of the response issues but it didnít take long before I was trying reboots to get the phone working well. Here is a list of apps I had installed at the time Ö

Weather Bug
Shop Savy
Google Sky
Daily Dilbert
Bloom County
WiFi Analyzer
Silent Mode Toggle
battery Widget
Robot Guitarist
keyring reward
NPR News
photoshop mobile
plink art
Weather channel
Radar now

Plus a few others that had been removed.

That quite a few apps but not overboard in my book, and most seem to be pretty stable.

Anyway I decided to wipe the device and start over again, but with the debate raging I decided that I was not going to run any sort of task killer or other memory manager. And that I was going to run for at least four weeks and report the results. I will say I trimmed some of the redundant apps (weather bug replaced all the other weather apps nicely)

I have to say that over all I donít feel like I need a memory manager or task killer. It would be hard to say that the phone is a zippy as it was right after I wiped it, but as of now itís no where near as laggy as it was before I wiped it. I feel my battery life is just fine, but I am not one who thinks that battery is an issue anyway. If there is 10% left when my head hits the pillow at night then I am a happy camper.

So this does beg the question what does using a memory manager really do for your experience on the phone? I canít for sure state that using a task killer caused my lag issues before, but it was not helping at the time either. My apps and usage have not changed very much other then not using a task killer and as of now my phone is running pretty darn well.

For me I am pretty firmly in the do-not-need-a-task-killer-camp for now. And before you flame or argue with me I challenge you to try it both ways for a while (with a clean wipe). I am sure that others have had a different experiences and maybe using one works for them.

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i like the way you tested.
I think someone should run a battery of these tests to finally put this issue to rest.

BUT I've stated it before, it seems that depending on what apps are installed some Eriii it seems might actually need a TK while others do not

just my .02
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Interesting, may have to follow suit to test the waters...
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I agree with Astrostrat. I used many different types of task killers while I used my phone for the first few months and like stated, I did a full reset on the sucka.

Needless-to-say, I went the way of the Hippie and protest the Task Killers! I did research and of course read the Official Android sites and learned that the Linux used as the base of the phone is smarter than the smart phone part of it. It kills whatever activates are not needed or not in use to free up some memory for the phone. SWEET!

I do have to be honest though, I do keep a version of Task Manager on my phone in the rare case I download an app that won’t close.

Sounds like something I’d like to do, JrzDroid. Looks like fun to try all kinds of different ways to do something.
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