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It's mostly big bloated companies (no names mentioned, we know who they are) trying to capitalize on people's ignorance.
At the end of the day, there's no anti-virus protection against user incompetence. if you download, run and grant root access rights to a piece of software you don't trust, then you're setting yourself up for trouble.

I could go on and on in agreement with some existing threads about how Linux (what Android is founded on) is very secure, uses true multi-user access etc. in contrast to windows, Yes, this does protect you from alot, and yes, having read-only system folders also helps a great deal with this and to date, i am unaware of any real viruses out there targeted toward Linux that do anywhere near as much harm to said system compared to the mind blowing amount there are for windows. But it is still down to the end user to execute common sense. Paid Antivurs for android is largely based on the nonsense theory that 'becoming more popular makes it more susceptible to threat' frankly a stupid claim made (mostly by jealous windows fans) for around 10 or more years now and has yet to become fact.
The fact that you need to purchase the full version further supports my theory, that they see a large market, and want to make a quick buck.

the most you need protecting from are fake apps put out there to steal your personal information, and 'lookout' seems to do this without the need of purchase. as for a virus, this is highly unlikely.
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Default 3rd party apps, secondary market, etc...

I hate to res an age old thread but I do think what I have to say is important (doesn't everyone?) If you are using the secondary market (App Planet, etc) and/or installing untrusted APKs you find online for either development purposes or in an attempt to get pirated apps, an anti-virus may be necessary.

I agree with a lot of the comments made here about the fact that it's almost never necessary so long as you read the permissions of downloaded apps (assuming you are downloading from Google Play or via your favorite legal market replacement). But on 3rd party sites, services or markets? An extra measure of protection is absolutely necessary.

Please don't think I'm advocating the use of the secondary market but I thought it was necessary to say (lots of folks turn to the secondary market but I wouldn't want to see anyone needing to factory reset). At the very least I hope people will use judgment when downloading legit APKs online.

Beta testing a friend's app I seriously screwed up my last HTC because I wasn't careful in this regard. I do use Lookout now, btw. An AV doesn't replace the need for an aware smart phone user but helps me guarantee that open source projects I download online are not overtly malicious.
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