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Originally Posted by hackzac View Post
How durable is the glass on the Evo3d? I have had a screen protector on mine since day 1 but recently took it off and was surprised at how much better the screen looked with it off. I'd like the screen to stay looking good but I love the look without the screen protector. How hard is it to scratch the glass? If you recommend using a protector which one do you recommend that cuts down on glare, and still lets me enjoy the crispness of the screen as if the protector isn't there?
I personally can't stand cases or screen protectors. I have had my 3vo for at least a year now and never used any screen protection. My screen is perfectly fine. I carry it in my pocket by its self so I definitely am not rough on it but I don't baby it either.

That's just my experience, definitely get other opinions before deciding!

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Well I have been using EVO 3D for year or so without any screen protection and I have no scratches at all...
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case is a good idea... i dont like the screen protectors.. because it takes to much away from look and feel... naked glass is so much sexier.

but if you live near or work around... SAND...
seem to find sand in your pockets often..
see sand in your washing machine dust trap often...
then you SHOULD have a screen protector.

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Over $10 for a screen protector is way too much, IMHO. ZAGG is good but way over priced. The protector that comes with the Otterbox cases is superb. I used one on my HTC Hero and never had to replace it after 2 years of constant use.

There are some matte anti-glare screen protectors for the Evo 3D on the market that are of decent quality and can be had for 2-3 at clip for just a couple of dollars.

I made myself a "phone sleeve" out of convertible top material that protects my phone while riding in my pocket with keys and change. No scratches. I spent quite some time looking for an equivalent product but what's on the market is either junk or too bulky.
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Had my Evo 3D since launch (Year and a half) without a screen protector, and no scratches. The rest of the phone is pretty beat up tho. Bezel is all scratched and a bit bent on the bottom. I must be lucky haha.
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my 2 yr old EVO.. NO screen protector.. and looks great.. clean.

my 1 month old Samsung GS3... has a 1/2 inch scratch
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My Evo pushing 1 years old, no screen protector yet no scratches or anything even though kept in an otterbox 100% of the time that the wife recently took over to replace her shattered og evo lol

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Being the perfectionist that I am, I ruined my first OG EVO trying to get the Zagg shield installed. I probably re-applied it over 10 times...and after awhile, I realized that thigns weren't getting any better...almost seemed to get worse.

I pushed a lot of water into the phone through the bezel crack, and didn't even realize it until someone pointed out that it looked like I had water between my screen and LCD. If you can't get the Zagg isntalled with one, maybe two tries...JUST STOP. Move on to something different.

Better yet, buy the Zagg from Best Buy and let them put it on...this way, it's on them.

I ended up paying $100 to Asurion as I sorta screwed up the screen trying to open it up to dry it better. I learned many lessons that day

I now stick to standard screen protectors, and I am usually pretty damn good about getting them on flawlessly. I was able to put the Nexus 7 screen on without a single bubble or dust particle getting in there on my first try. It was however just barely off center at the lower left corner such that it didn't adhere...a milimeter of material cut off the corner, and now it's proper. You can't even tell unless you look hard.
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I have been using bestskinsever on my devices for years now, never had to replace one yet (although the back cover on my optimus V peeled early, curved edges can be troublesome for skins). Never had a problem with the way they felt. perfect screens increase resale values too.
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