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Cry Reboot loop with sd card

I am instantly in over my head. This phone was a Christmas gift and I have no prior experience with ANY smartphone. I thought the One V and I were getting to know each other nicely until one day, I apparently downloaded one too many apps from the Google Play store to try out. The phone spontaneously rebooted, as it has done every once in a while. So not alarming in itself. As I was testing the new app, it rebooted again. Now I'm annoyed, right? Reboots kept happening every 2-5 mins, so I uninstalled the last couple of apps figuring they may have been the cause. But it still kept rebooting. Been scouring forums and Google for three days now, and other people with the same problem have determined that removing the sd card stops the reboot loop, which is true in my case as well. People with many different phone models have gone further to determine that once the sd card approaches one filled gigabyte, that's when the issue starts. Yes, I'm there. But what is the point of storage you're not allowed to fill and utilize?

The consensus on the best solution seems to be that you partition your card and change your settings to store all new apps there, which somehow tricks the phone into thinking that the sd card is actually more INTERNAL space and that the apps are all where they're supposed to be, everyone is happy and healthy and the rebooting madness ends.

My specific problem is that I am scared to death of rooting my phone in order to accomplish this, for fear of inadvertently creating NEW issues I don't know how to fix, or bricking my phone entirely. What I desperately need from anyone with patience is a step-by-step guide WITHOUT ROOTING to partition my card using the phone and/or my desktop (sans cardreader) running XP, and instructions to then change my settings to install to the card. FOR THE HTC ONE V. I can supply you with any info about my phone, version, builds, etc. But please realize you're essentially talking to your grandmother, who knows nothing about flashing, ROMS, command prompts, wiping, or most of the terminology required. Seriously, I'm begging someone to talk down to me like a child, so long as he has knowledge specific to my unrooted phone.

If somehow rooting IS easier or less dangerous that I believe it to be, or if you think there is a better solution to this choice between either living without an sd card or endless rebooting, please help me. I am desperate to fix this. I CAN learn, I'm just starting from ground zero on this.

Thank you SO much for reading...

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I would seriously advise against rooting this phone. Especially if you have received the system update to fix the battery indicator. The new radio version is not compatible with the custom roms and kernels. You think your rebooting is bad, mine was rebooting every few seconds after flashing a kernel.

Even if you haven't updated, the phone is very buggy and sensitive to flashing. Trying to restore a nandroid backup after my bad kernel flash threw up an MD5 sum mismatch, which is fairly common with this phone. Which means if something goes wrong you may not be able to restore it to working condition. In my opinion it's not something anyone other than an experienced tech person should mess with, on this phone at least.

I never had any issues with my SD card and I had 15 GB on it. That's a hardware defect, and Virgin should repair or replace the phonr for you, as it should still be under warranty. Either them or HTC.

If you can partition the card easily without rooting and that will fix it, and you'd rather do that, then you can try. I unfortunately have no experience with that. I have formatted my card, but not partitioned it.

But again, no matter how many people swear it's easy and they have no issues, I would strongly advise against rooting. Keep in mind most people on here are Android fanatics, therefore many root and rom all the time and they do not represent the typical majority when it comes to customising and the ease with which they do it.
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