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Updated 5-28-14

Greetings fellow members! This post will be updated as the forum grows to include links on common issues and FAQ's for the HTC One . If you have anything you think should be added please feel free post here: Private chat with Staff members. In addition, If you have any of your own FAQ's, tips, tricks, or suggestions please feel free to post them below. We are looking to expand this FAQ and with your help; turn it into one of the most comprehensive guides at Android Forums.

Useful links:

HTC One OTA update thread

Battery usage discussion

UltraPixel Camera discussion

Reception discussion

FAQ Section:

General HTC One Forum FAQ:

1. General Android phone FAQ's?
2. How can I improve my battery life?
3. Are there any **DEVICE NAME** Tips & Tricks?
4. What are the known problems with the HTC One ?
5. Forum related questions.
6. What is root?/What does being rooted mean?

Q: General Android phone FAQ's?
A: Here is a thread on general Android Phone FAQ's

Q: How can I improve my battery life?
A: Smartphones operate on a sort of spectrum. On one end you could put battery life, on the other end all those options like wifi/3g/4g sync (among other things). If you want great battery life you can't have those on all the time. If you want those on all the time, you won't get great battery life. It is best to find the compromise that works best for you and what you want most out of your phone. Here are a couple of things that you could consider - adjust the screen brightness, do not use live wallpapers, switch off networks when not in use (WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS), adjust update intervals for widgets (do you really need twitter/facebook notifications every half hour?). You could also consider downloading a battery monitoring app such as JuiceDefender.

Q: Are there any HTC One Tips & Tricks?
A: For any tips, if you use the "filter by" and select "Tips" in the sub-forum, you will get many useful tips and tricks.

Q: What are some of the problems people have with their HTC One ?
A: For any problems and their solutions, if you use the "filter by" and select "Support" in the sub-forum for useful information.

Q: I have a question about how to do something around the forums.
A: Here is a FAQ devoted entirely to that: Android Forums FAQ

Q: What is root?/What does being rooted mean?
A: Here is a post explaining that: What is rooted/does being rooted mean?
Here is a link to the
devices "All Things Root Guide" sticky: HTC One Root forum

Additional links:

HTC One Specs

Here is the link for the official User Guide for the HTC One (worldwide site).

HTC - Wordwide site | HTC One User Guide Link

And the Support page for the HTC One featuring a number of help topics, FAQ, and now even some video guides.
HTC - Wordwide site | HTC One Support Page

The U.S. HTC One will undoubtedly have a very similar User Guide and Support page, with a few key changes depending on mobile carrier.


Originally Posted by zeo2k View Post
One of the things I loved about my HTC EVO LTE was the ability to edit & customize effects/filters on my photos beyond the presets that were given. Also, I had the ability to save those effects to make my own custom presets! The HTC One X, S, etc was able to do the same.

Well, I just got my HTC One today, and it took me FOREVER to find out how to make custom effects on this phone... But I finally found it. Why HTC hides these features are beyond me.

  • Go to your Gallery > My Photos.
  • Open the photo you want to edit and hit Edit > Effects.
  • Press/hold the effect you want to customize and then drag to Custom.
  • All the filters are there for you to edit the picture just the way you like.
  • When you're done you can save your own presets if you like.

I'm your friendly staff account - I'm kind of like a bot, but there are friendly people behind me.

Click here to chat with them about this post!

We're always happy to hear from you!
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Default HTC One FAQ's

Hi guys,

I've got a FAQ for the HTC One

Here's the link - below

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From AnandTech | Print The HTC One Review (empasis below is mine)

Receive diversity is mandatory for LTE, but even the UMTS/WCDMA only One includes it since is is again required in part to enable the all metal design. All of the One models are based on Qualcomm's 28nm 2nd generation LTE baseband, the MDM9x15 platform we've seen a bunch of, and its DC-HSPA+/GSM-only (LTE blocks fused off) sibling, MDM8215 for the UMTS/WCDMA only model. This is a big step up from the international edition of the One X and One X+ which both shipped without receive diversity and were based on the aging Intel/Infineon XMM6260 platform.

Like any LTE-enabled handset right now, there's still no way to deliver a single SKU with support for all of the bands that are required, even with active tuning, just due to what transceivers we have. As a result there are a number of different announced variants of the One, which I've outlined in a table. There's also the rumored Verizon model which will no doubt just be a cousin of the Sprint version but instead with support for Band 13.

Attachment 53723
Attached is the datasheet for the Qualcomm modems used in the various models.

To round our our comparison, here are the frequency specs from the One Developer Edition -
  • Multiple frequency compatibility:
    • HSPA/WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 MHz
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    • LTE: 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz (US)

The Sprint model's modem will do GSM/GRPS/EDGE, but we've seen this same confusion on the releases for the Evo, 3vo and LTEvo - the modem support is there, but the limiting factor is always the actual radio transceiver chips.

The ifixit teardown is for the middle model with the MDM9215, so I don't have the transceiver chip to show (yet).

Could I be wrong? Yes. But it's rare for either AnandTech or I to get this one wrong.

PS - when clean, this will go into the FAQ were it belongs, it also helps answer questions about the DEV phone and what carriers it can work with.

PPS - Big thanks to marctronixx for the reminder and tip here!

BTW - people refer to the entire 800 MHz area as a class name.

Almost a certainty that the Sprint HTC One is really 800/850/1900 CDMA and will support 1x Advanced services.

Sprint was clear at last year's LTEvo unveiling that would be required for all 4G phones moving forward.
Attached Images
File Type: png htc-one-bands.png (80.3 KB, 48 views)
Attached Files
File Type: pdf gobi-product-specs.pdf (2.50 MB, 26 views)
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ok, so I'm thorough confuse by this phone. Sprint keeps telling me it is a world phone yet cannot tell me the frequency this thing have....

That last column with the Sprint model shows only two GSM bands and the CDMA and LTE for sprint. The GSM is for data I believe. How then will it make phone call if it is a world phone unless it has the other bands....

Thanks everyone for trying to shed light on this puzzle for me.
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The two bands on the Sprint phone are popular elsewhere in the world - world phone.

I was in Korea, in an area with CDMA coverage with the same exact frequencies we used - even with the radios matching, I had no coverage.

I've been in parts of Asia with AT&T GSM phones where I could call but not get data.

AT&T's model has 3 frequencies rather 2 or 4.

More frequencies = more coverage...

... supposedly, but even when the frequencies match, you don't get guarantees and when they don't - you're stuck.

Closest you can get here is the ATT or T-Mo phone (but so far as I know, that last one is doing its own thing with AWs on one of those channels, so for world coverage) - you'll still max out at 3 with those.

UMTS frequency bands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

PS - you can do voice on UMTS - http://www.umtsworld.com/technology/wcdma.htm
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Here's an oldie but a goodie from 2006 - GSM, EDGE, WCDMA, GPRS, HSDPA

1- GSM: 2G Europian standard and the first digital mobile system. It offers only circuit-switched traffic (i.e voice calls, SMS...etc) and data transfer at very low bitrates 9.6kbps.

2- GPRS: also reffered to as phase 2+. It offered packet-switched traffic with new network components integrated over the existant GSM core network. This allowed data bitrates to increase to 171kbps. It is also considered as the first step towards 3G networks.

3- EDGE: It was made to cover the delay of delivery of 3G/UMTS network. It supported data rates upto 384kbps.

4- UMTS: the first 3G Europian standard network. It is the optimal solution for GSM operators to support 3G services. The Air interface technique used for this network is WCDMA. This technique allowed data rates to reach 2Mbps.

5- HSDPA: It is actually a software upgrade to the UMTS network using the same air interface technique used in UMTS (WCDMA) and supporting data rates upto 10Mbps.

hope this data is useful.
These standards are part of 3GPP Evolution.

They evolved as below.

GSM did not support packet data.
GPRS supported packet data at 171.2 kbps theoretically with new network elements in Core network (SGSN and GGSN).
EDGE uses same network elements as GPRS but with new Modulations (8PSK) instead of GMSK in GSM/GPRS. EDGE supported 384 kbps theoretically.
WCDMA(UMTS) is a 3G evolution for GSM family. it supports 2Mbps on forward link. WCDMA uses different radio access network (node B and RNC) rather than BTS and BSC in GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks.
HSDPA is nothing but the improved downlink packet data transfer on UMTS networks. IT supports upto 14.4. Mbps theoretically.

*Note:- GPRS,EDGE and HSDPA are DATA networks only i.e. they do not support circuit switched voice. GSM supports circuit switched voice and circuit switched data both. UMTS supports circuit switched voice and packet data.
Pretty sure that (most of) France won't be a problem.
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