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Default Battery's

Hi there
I know that this is a big question with the modern day phones my wildfire(S) is very good I have no complaints with it as a phone but..! but like so many people I have spoken too and I mite add with HTC them self...! it get so much of a bind to keep an eye on your power every time you make a call or do some thing on the net or take a pictures you have to keep one eye on the power..!
I had a phone call from a very nice man from HTC and he more or less agreed with me that the main problem with these phones is the power the tech is not out there at the moment to find a power sauce that will last any longer if you use all what's on your phone...? I did say to him that I have seen higher rated bat's for my phone but for some reason he said that it would not be a good road to go down (question has any body out there done this put an higher rated bat in there phone and how has it performed..? ) would like to hear from any body that has any of the same and how they cope with this I have turned off all but the phone net work and it still needs charging at the end of the day...hope to hear what you have to say thanks PINKMAN
P.S I was also told that I should let my bat run right out before re-charging is this good or bad as the bat is not right out of power by the end of the day and I was also told that to get a good full charge I should leave on for a good 8 hours...yes or no...PINKMAN THANKS AGAIN

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I agree, the only real annoying aspect about this phone is the battery...and the fact that its gonna be stuck on gingerbread forever if u want everything functional.

Turning off data and syncing wasn't an option for me as then it would simply be a dumb phone, after a lot of searching around the net i got myself a cameron sino 2200mah battery, which is giving me great results. The battery lasts me a full day after heavy use-streaming video over 3g, browsing, gaming, calls, messaging over network and whatsapp, and listening to music for about an hour each, while having every notification and syncing turned on. Unlike the stock battery, this battery has never overheated even while charging and running navigation for over an hour simultaneously.

As for letting the battery run out, its actually bad for lithium ion batteries when done repeatedly. There is a lot of false information floating around the net and i recommend taking battey advice from reputed manufacturers themselves (forgetting the sites right now else would have posted, search around). As far as the stock battery on the wfs is concerned, i tried everything and it did not manage to do its job for a whole day for me except if i turned off basically evrything including mobile data and use it as a messaging and calling device.

What i've learnt from the wfs experience is to never go in for htc (have even seen many complaints of the onex heating and battery woes including it having the weakest battery among the flagship devices from various manufacturers), and to move on to a flagship device whenever i am able to. The smartphones in this price bracket have many compromises built into them...a weak battery hurts the most.

Hope this helps.


EDIT: the 2200mah battery makes this phone fatter than you'd expect. I've had a love/hate relationship with this battery, however after switching between the stock and this many times, i've finally settled with the fat battery until i change my phone.
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I've got a 2500Mah battery in mine, I can get 1 day of heavy use, up to 3 daus light use (mainly just calls) between charges. That's rooted running WildChild3 ROM and O/C to 806MHz
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And I have 3 500 mAh battery. All batteries above (2 200 and 2 500) suck, I guess.
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