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Default Site Rules/Guidelines

Infraction System, etc.

The purpose of this post is to express a couple things that everyone should be on the same page about. The date of the last update will be reflected in the title. Members will be expected to be familiar with this post so please do take a look at it when updates are made.

Please observe the following rules/guidelines as a member here:

General Conduct: Admittedly, I'm probably a little more anal about this topic than some. I have very little tolerance for uncalled for disrespect. With that said.. read on. Please treat other members with respect. These forums were put together for Android fans to come together and help each other, collaborate and discuss in a positive way – not bash on someone because you don't like their idea, or because they don't share the same views as you. We are big into the free speech idea here. So you're free to say what you think – but do it in a constructive, positive, 'add to the conversation' kinda way – not the condescending 'I don't like what you're saying so you suck' kinda way. We encourage mature debates – discourage childish arguments.

Also while the search feature on forums is great, and hopefully will be utilized - if someone comes here and asks a question, either answer it or don't. If you're going to suggest the search feature, be polite about it. Nothing irks me more than when I go to a forum, (and use the search!), then ask a question because I want some one-on-one with my problem, and get a simple "Use the search." reply. Suggesting it is encouraged, but don't withhold the answer because they don't.

Please don't make pointless rude/nonconstructive replies. "This thread sucks," etc.

Also - do not take it upon yourself to play Grammar Nazi. If someone's post is literally so bad you cannot understand it, fine - ask them to rephrase. But do not nitpick and ruin threads just to show how high-n-mighty-like you can be.

If staff asks you to end an argument, debate or any sort of dramatic agenda - please do as asked. Staff are here to keep AF focused and on point - if they ask you to stop doing something it is because they have the welfare of AF in mind.

Strong Language: Language is fine to a common sense degree. Say what you gotta say, how ya gotta say it, when it's in a positive or neutral tone. If someone expresses offense to terms you're using, please respect them enough to at the very least NOT respond with “get over it this is the internet blah blah” crap. It IS the internet – but it's also in a forum where you're expected to respect your fellow members. If you're in the midst of a 'friendly' debate – use extra caution when using terms that may cause you to project a certain aura that you hopefully don't desire to have.


“Damn, that's the shit!” .....That's fine.
“Go **** yourself.” .... That's not fine. Starred out or not. On a couple levels.

Terms to NOT use: There are a few terms I ask you don't use. I'm going to have to space through them here for the purpose of this post, but otherwise they will be filtered. Do not go around them.

One being "g_ay". Don't call something g_ay. Does it bother me? No, I do the same thing, too, in private. I know it's not meant derogatory to that particular lifestyle when *I* use it (again, in private). It's just habit. Does it bother my g_ay brother, who also uses the the term in the same manner? No. But it does bother a lot of people and I'll tell ya, I've worked at a lot of forums out there and there's nothing that gives me a harder time than whether or not it's okay to call something g_ay. So this one's getting nipped in the bud. Keep that, "f_ag", and even "r_etarded" and "s_pazz" outa your posts. As well as obviously offensive things that serve no other real purpose, like "c#nt" - and racial slurs. Also, F_uck has been complained about enough to be added to this list.

Creating Multiple or New Accounts: This is more of a clear-cut rule than the above two guidelines. Creating a second (or more) account on here will most likely get all - including your original - accounts banned. People usually do this for less than desirable purposes, which may include but aren't limited to:

-Have an alter ego to say how they really feel
-Gain numbers in arguments
-Just plain create trouble

Deleting your current account and creating a new one to start "fresh" is also not permitted. Staff need your history to make the best decisions, and wiping the slate clean makes fair moderation impossible. If there is a reason other than this that you need to delete/remake an account, please contact me.

Language - English only: Please use English only on Androidforums. If you need, you can use a translating service to help with this. This assumes, of course, that you can even read this message! http://translate.google.com/

Links on first post (or first couple if you're being slick) to your own site: If it's a competing website, not okay. If it's say.. a blog entry you're referring to, or... you're a developer and want to link to your site when you announce an app, that's alright. Bottom line - Don't come here to pimp your site – come here to be a member.

Links to your own site, in general: Toss 'em in your signature, that's fine. Linking when referencing something relevant and stuff is fine too. Just be a contributing member, not a spammer.

Linking to pirated/illegal software: It's a shame I actually have to touch on this. Don't do it. It will be removed and repeat offenses will result in a ban.

Do not post the following, or links to (including but not limited to): Porn, Drugs, Hate, Terrorism, sexism, or anything else you imagine should be listed here. People can do what they want elsewhere, but we're not looking to provide direction to these things.

Linking to your Applications (Developers): Please limit your promotions to one thread in the "Application Announcements" section. Thanks!

Infraction System: There is an infraction system in place to help us keep this place clean. I don't want to go into too many details - but just know it is there. So many points you will be marked as 'on probation', and so many more you will lose posting rights for some time. This system is used to help mods keep track of what they as a team are doing, and serve as a history for user behavior.

In regards to all of this.. Moderators will handle situations at their discretion – using this thread (and guidelines given to them in the moderator forum) as a starting point. If you have a problem with a member or a post here, report it. Mods will see it. If you have a problem with a moderators actions or how they handle a situation, feel free to PM or email me. phases at phandroid dot com.

Username Changes: We will take username change requests on a case-by-case basis. We may or may not allow it - depending. Up till now we have allowed all requests. However if you choose to request it - please make sure you know what you want. To have it changed a second time will take some extra convincing on your part. This is not something we particularly love to do. If you would like your username changed, PM me.

Thread title Changes, poll option edits, Social Group title and description changes, and moving threads: Guides can fill these requests for you in addition to the moderators. You may contact Guides/Mods individually for these, or click the "Report Post" button on the post you need modified and request it that way. Note that reported posts are only seen by Moderators - but are published for all moderators to see.. immediately.

Signatures: Until further notice, signature privileges have been removed for those with less than 25 posts. This is to combat the growing signature-spamming trend.

Avatar/Profile Pictures: These should be appropriate for a family oriented web site. We may be walking the line of family oriented, but children tend to hone in on pictures and we need to be mindful of that. Images containing profanity or overt sexuality are not appropriate for this site.

Referral Links: Please limit the use of referral links to within threads designated for such.

Tethering without required plans, working the system to return devices you broke, etc:

Account Deletions: We periodically get requests to delete an account. This was previously not allowed. You now have the following options:

1) We can drop you into a "Disabled" usergroup that does just that - locks the account down completely. This makes it unusable. However, the beauty here is if a user changes their mind it can easily be recovered.

2) We can "delete" your account. The vbulletin delete function removes the account completely, email association, etc. However it *does* leave all your posts in tact. It grays out the username attached to the posts and changes your title to "guest". So, all your posts are still in tact for the sake of conversation flow but the account is in fact deleted. This cannot be reversed. This option will require a "are you sure?" confirmation if you have any posts at all and once you say yes - we will do it. If you wish you hadn't requested it some time in the future.. bummer.

A complete purge (as in delete your account and all posts/pms/etc) is not allowed. It will mess with the flow of conversation and we like to keep what all is put on this forum for record. However should you have a special case you need to make to me, you're welcome to. If I see reason that a full purge is in fact necessary I will run it by Rob. Side note: All posts you delete or edit in your history to work around this can and will be reverted to whichever version of edit history we choose.

To request the delete, please send an email to phases@phandroid.com with the account you used to register here.
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2012), LDrifta (December 25th, 2012), leaddog (May 15th, 2010), LearningAlways (September 17th, 2014), Lectruck (May 28th, 2011), leehblanc (January 12th, 2011), leejay803 (April 19th, 2012), LeftyLou (April 15th, 2010), Lennatron (February 21st, 2011), level70steve (June 21st, 2013), LexiconStudios (August 6th, 2012), lg.droid7 (March 9th, 2011), lgoptimusv5 (July 28th, 2013), liamf1 (March 28th, 2012), Liamo_210 (May 23rd, 2011), Liaqat (September 1st, 2011), liba (October 5th, 2010), Lili C Love (September 20th, 2014), lilredsrt (May 16th, 2011), lmarx (June 11th, 2011), LogicDictates (December 2nd, 2010), lokeshvb (September 8th, 2011), Lolhead (November 12th, 2012), long (October 25th, 2011), Longanoid (June 18th, 2011), Looking4beach (March 22nd, 2011), LordDarkness (July 2nd, 2012), lordelisah (April 3rd, 2013), Lordvincent 90 (January 4th, 2012), los panda (August 28th, 2012), louaialkurdi (January 9th, 2012), LouieLou74 (August 11th, 2010), louvega (August 10th, 2012), 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2011), mrast (July 3rd, 2012), MRCMidnight (January 11th, 2012), Mrl81 (December 23rd, 2012), Mroptimus (March 8th, 2011), MrPhooey (April 20th, 2011), MrWareWolf (February 22nd, 2012), mryamaha (December 29th, 2011), msanti66 (February 14th, 2011), mshawnl (February 20th, 2013), Mstamsum (January 7th, 2014), mutari (May 16th, 2011), muzzman (November 16th, 2011), mvmotta (December 29th, 2010), MWFrels (December 31st, 2011), MyHTCn33d5h3lp (July 9th, 2010), MyndCTRL (March 25th, 2012), mysticspiral (February 5th, 2013), MySylph (December 16th, 2011), mywaygoa (November 4th, 2011), n0ve (October 10th, 2012), nano0657 (March 2nd, 2011), nardoin (August 17th, 2011), naseerh1978 (January 18th, 2013), Nas_56 (March 23rd, 2014), nateo200 (September 19th, 2010), nathan.sobel (December 8th, 2011), ndaktug (August 23rd, 2013), ndh777 (March 5th, 2011), nehakhua (September 16th, 2011), neodorian (April 28th, 2010), neofactor.is3 (June 24th, 2011), netguru2000 (January 31st, 2012), newevo4 (April 14th, 2011), NewRobot (August 7th, 2011), NewYorkGiant (May 12th, 2012), nick325i (June 11th, 2010), NickanM (March 6th, 2012), Night Office (August 17th, 2013), NightAngel79 (June 12th, 2010), nightwing90 (November 15th, 2012), NikkiSprankle (December 5th, 2011), Niko903 (December 21st, 2012), ninja_reject (June 11th, 2011), Nirob (March 13th, 2011), Nixxx23 (January 15th, 2013), Noname4aday (July 6th, 2012), nonna (September 13th, 2012), Nosnibor (November 9th, 2011), notaclue (May 27th, 2011), no_1_u_know (June 4th, 2011), nsheff (January 24th, 2012), Nsuave11 (May 18th, 2010), nuttmeg (August 11th, 2011), NWFD22 (April 23rd, 2012), nycaria10011 (September 5th, 2010), nyo2xslo (June 11th, 2011), obhro (February 17th, 2012), ocnbrze (June 26th, 2011), Octav (September 12th, 2011), octaviadavis (December 30th, 2012), odatkid (February 19th, 2011), okkhan (September 6th, 2012), oldcodger86 (September 2nd, 2010), OlderGuy (October 10th, 2013), OMDSource (February 24th, 2014), on1wl (May 12th, 2010), onlineunlocks (October 13th, 2013), ooberops (June 28th, 2011), OptiC-ShotS (June 27th, 2012), orig (August 23rd, 2012), orionseesall76 (July 6th, 2011), ouird (November 9th, 2012), OutOfPhase (July 26th, 2013), ovidiu72 (June 3rd, 2012), painindasz (November 27th, 2010), Paladin2504 (August 18th, 2010), paleodust (March 16th, 2011), palmtree5 (May 20th, 2012), panefree (September 18th, 2012), pansey52 (May 29th, 2012), parkerskouson (October 18th, 2011), partymonster (January 16th, 2011), pascalT (May 6th, 2012), patsy5989 (September 4th, 2011), Paulstep (February 10th, 2012), pauls_boat (July 8th, 2011), paymeall (September 17th, 2014), pdixon (December 15th, 2010), PeakyBoo (January 10th, 2011), peatthepet (September 20th, 2014), Pegasus17 (August 10th, 2010), Pemela (December 15th, 2012), pengyou (April 22nd, 2013), permazorch (September 5th, 2010), pesdaw00 (March 7th, 2011), PeterLewis (May 25th, 2013), petersf (July 3rd, 2012), phatbass (December 8th, 2010), 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19th, 2012), sarahirun (April 28th, 2013), SB13X (June 25th, 2010), sb43 (February 2nd, 2013), SC2011 (July 28th, 2010), ScandaLeX (November 23rd, 2012), schmalzdnr (June 21st, 2014), scoobyd63 (July 29th, 2011), ScorpDX (December 9th, 2010), scr60kd (August 14th, 2011), scudder (November 30th, 2011), sean76 (March 18th, 2013), sean_go (January 10th, 2011), Sébas (March 24th, 2012), seeafish (August 7th, 2012), sekhar.droid (December 7th, 2010), senthamil (July 25th, 2012), seskeh (August 18th, 2013), sexy irish man (February 7th, 2013), sg20215 (August 13th, 2011), ShadowDroidX (August 5th, 2010), shahabazas (August 15th, 2012), Shawn1975 (November 27th, 2010), Sheerluck (April 21st, 2013), shh101 (May 7th, 2014), shivam94 (March 24th, 2012), shouravT (January 20th, 2014), siddharth24 (June 4th, 2012), sidewinder767 (March 15th, 2012), siferking (April 20th, 2012), siggy1964 (March 20th, 2012), sillyname (January 2nd, 2012), sinan (July 25th, 2011), singhsumair (September 8th, 2011), 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2010), stanoot (September 10th, 2012), StarScream2109 (June 21st, 2012), startteam (May 22nd, 2014), starxpilot (July 24th, 2011), Stefenatefun (December 19th, 2010), Steven58 (December 22nd, 2011), str8up (March 4th, 2011), stvntazz74 (August 31st, 2011), subbiepops (October 19th, 2010), sullivakrs (November 6th, 2011), Summ3r (January 24th, 2011), sund0wn (August 15th, 2010), Sundown 72 (May 2nd, 2010), sushd (April 15th, 2013), swampgoddess (April 8th, 2012), swanand134 (March 4th, 2012), SwatchDog (June 26th, 2010), sxchell (September 19th, 2011), taknactn (February 16th, 2011), tannman (November 28th, 2010), tanya.incredible (September 6th, 2010), Tazzia (December 24th, 2010), tdawgnreno (May 9th, 2013), tecbarrera (May 13th, 2011), techiemono (September 14th, 2013), TechJuice (March 19th, 2012), tehsusenoh (August 9th, 2011), TelusMilestone (September 6th, 2010), terrymc11 (May 17th, 2013), tessierdoc (July 6th, 2014), Th3M4dP1ay3r (September 6th, 2014), Thats (March 25th, 2011), 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2010), TripsYou (December 7th, 2010), Triv223 (January 3rd, 2014), Trooper (July 31st, 2012), Tryn2getaclu (March 23rd, 2011), Tugdaturtle (August 26th, 2010), tunavic (August 5th, 2012), turtle52 (February 24th, 2012), tush123 (June 27th, 2012), Twisted21 (February 15th, 2013), twogbsd (January 14th, 2013), txateer (October 11th, 2010), UBChain (March 20th, 2010), UberGoober (August 14th, 2011), UberL33t (March 10th, 2013), ujik (December 16th, 2012), ukssdet (September 13th, 2012), unwiredmedic (September 28th, 2011), vandyfc (June 21st, 2010), vanpoup (June 3rd, 2012), Vanski (September 15th, 2010), veen20187 (April 26th, 2011), verilp (August 7th, 2010), VeroChen (February 11th, 2014), vibrant!!! (May 15th, 2011), Vicdude (September 7th, 2010), VirulentWaif (August 21st, 2014), vissure (August 12th, 2011), viv1610 (January 12th, 2013), vivandroidcom (March 4th, 2012), Vrav (October 11th, 2011), WadeATGR (July 16th, 2012), wahine (January 15th, 2011), WalkingHate (June 13th, 2011), 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