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Introductions Meet the team, and tell us a little about yourself... This introductions section is NOT for support questions!

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Default Meet the team

Here is the current androidforums.com team . This will be updated regularly. Also, the colors you see here will also be reflected in the "who's online" list at the bottom of the home page and in postings.

All Staff and PM links can also be found here.

You can chat privately with the staff as well, here. All staff can see threads you make here, but no other regular users. Or talk privately with Moderators.

Note: Those sections do not show up in Tapatalk by design.

Rob: Owner of the site. Works nonstop on trying to make this place all it can be. What he says, goes. (trigatch in IRC)
Phases: Your friendly general administrator. My door is always open. Also, much better looking than Rob. (phases in IRC)

Bob Cat
scary alien

phandroid: News bot that posts teaser intros for articles on our news site. (phases-bot in IRC posts these)
ogwilson: Phandroid Writer
kevinkevinkevin: Phandroid Writer
GamerCore: Phandroid Writer
rayfin: Phandroid Writer

Guides: Guides are a "mini-mod" usergroup that can handle much of the structural work around AF. These users move threads to appropriate spots, manage sticky threads, and can also change thread and social group titles as well as change poll options. You can find them and their clickies here.

AF Contributors: AF Contributors are individuals who volunteer to answer questions asked by guests.

Join #androidforums on freenode anytime you like. A couple of us are always there. Even if we're not "there".
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Every forum should have a Phases.
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