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Default Choppy performance? Should i get a dif phone?

Hey guys so i just got a Optimus V and it just feels really lagy/choppy when on the web or even just going through the GUI and dont get me started on the GPS... talking mega lag here with maps taking ages to load and its not a connection speed issue (tested on wifi) either.

I installed the advanced task killer and cleared everything but gchat which seemed to help a little but its still very choppy. not running anything else no live wallpapers or anything.

from start sometimes it just freezes and i have to wait a few seconds to navigate the GUI. Couple times the phone just froze for 1-2 mins when using GPS, couldn't do anything so pulled battery to reboot.

I'm not looking for anything supper powerful. I'm coming from an HTC Aria which was a great phone and personally id like to find something similar, not looking for some huge upgrade.

Idk am i doing something wrong or should i look into a different phone? My Aria has pretty much same specs but its smooth as a whistle in the GUI, nets a little laggy till the web page loads then its smooth going through the page.

also when texting there is a 1 second delay sometimes before letters i just typed show up... freaking anoying.

thinking about looking at a wildfire S but the white color kinda turns me off.

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Before you abandon the "v" go here Optimus V - All Things Root - Android Forums
Read all of this [Reference Guide] Optimus V Modding (READ THIS TO GET STARTED) - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com
And read this https://github.com/inferiorhumanorgans/android_device_lge_thunderc/wiki/Binary
As well as this [ROM][WIP] BACKside ROM (CM7) + Green Machine Theme
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The Optimus V definitely should not be behaving like that. With proper care (as with any phone), the OpV is a smooth running little phone and does not require a task killer. Are you sure you don't have an app(s) misbehaving and causing issues? Have you tried performing a factory reset on the phone? Sometimes this will fix a lot of issues (replacing files and/or apps that may have become corrupt for whatever reasons).

Id try some troubleshooting steps to rule out other things that may be causing the issue:
Uninstall all apps that did not come with the phone.
Make sure all default apps are up to date.
Try rebooting the phone.
If none of that works then perform a factory reset so you will have freshly installed system files.

If you try all of the steps above and nothing works, then I would get the phone replaced. The warranty is good for one year from the original date of purchase.. as long as you are the original owner and have not rooted the phone.
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