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Default Tegra 3 - Your thoughts?

Going on the latest news that the new Nexus 7 has dropped Tegra in place of Snapdragon I thought I would pose a question..

This being my second Tegra 3 device (Asus Prime) I am interested in people’s views on the power and games that are available for the hardware.

Firstly the power:
Really cannot fault the power of the system, some of the games you play re amazing!! And look bloody good. Although not fault free, as I have had many an issue with games just exiting with no error in sight.

Some are spectacular, lets face it mobile gaming is now a viable platform. I just wish we could do away with "Freemium" games or worse still games you pay for and then need to further pay for in game!!

With the Tegra 3 chipset games such as Shadowgun/Galaxy on Fire 2 etc look amazing and worth every penny. But there is a HUGE but here. It would seem that although there is better support of the T3 chipset, the support is limited. Nvidia I believe pay some? devs to create THD versions of their games, which is great for us.. Well, we would like to think so!

Unfortunately these same devs, once the game is out there offer almost no support for the THD versions. This is a major drawback and would stop me buying another T3 device, as these games are almost just a promotional game to show off what the chipset can do as opposed to being a proper fully supported game.

Galaxy on fire 2 is a good example, the THD version is amazing. But no support or updates. They brought out a different version (Xperia) that allowed all the extra add on packs and updates leaving the THD version the die! The latest news on this one is they are making a HD version for all devices which will be a "Freemium" game.. Boo


So would you buy another T3/T4 device?

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I would have no problem buying one as long as it's at least on par or better than the competition. The Tegra chips are really meant for gaming devices because of their gpu power rather than general processing and multitasking that the Snapdragon chips have been used for. So as a result, I don't think I would want a Tegra in a phone, but in a 10inch tablet would be fine.
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ARM is one of the few remaining places in computing where there's an actual level playing field and plenty of active competitors. I call that a Good Thing.
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While I will admit my Transformer Infinity is Tegra 3 powered, my personal opinion is that NVidia is absolutely a horrible company and their products are mainly powered by hype.

As for why I think the company itself is horrible, well....lets just say the majority of my rigs growing up were 3dfx powered.

Anyway, from what I've heard, the famous "Tegra 3" power is mainly hype, its (perceived?) performance gains mainly the result of projection from their success in the PC 3d accelerator industry. Their competitors, the PowerVR and Adreno GPUs, have apparently been able to consistently go toe-to-toe with Tegra performance-wise, and even surpass it in some cases.

If this were not the case, we would be seeing a repeat of the PC industry, where we have an NVidia GPU getting 10x the speed of any other GPU from the get-go, with the exception of ATi, and everyone else consistently being 3-10 years behind in performance or features.
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FWIW, which probably isn't much, my ARM based Chrome book smokes my TF Prime in browser load times.
Not much of a gamer though so can't speak about that.
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If Nvidia can fix the poor I/O performance that the 3-series had, I wouldn't have an issue with getting another Tegra tablet. As of right now, I couldn't be more happy with my E5 Duo
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