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Default Bluetooth Low Energy - Can phones with BT 4.0 and android 4.1 be updated?

One of the features that gives this watch a longer battery life is its use of bluetooth low energy, which unfortunately didn't make it into android until 4.3, so many phone manufacturers are behind the curve with BT 4.0 LE (low energy) support.

I just did a search for virgin mobile phones support of BTLE and Android 4.3 for use with the Moto 360 and there appeared to be none. Lack of BTLE support on most current android phones could be an issue for prospective buyers of this watch..

Does anyone know.. the current LG, etc phones that support bluetooth 4.0 and android 4.1 or 4.2, is it likely that their BT chips can support BTLE once their software is updated to android 4.3?

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According to Bluetooth Smart Devices List | Bluetooth Technology Website Nexus 4, 5, 7 and 10, HTC One and One Max, Motorola Droid RAZR, Ultra, Maxx, Mini, Moto G, X and the Sony Xperia Series are the only Android devices using the hardware. Without the LE hardware, there's nothing you can do in software to make the device work in LE mode.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 and newer are also LE compatible with 4.3 or higher. There was some confusion when the S3 came out because it was listed as LE, but didn't actually have it until Google added the code to Android in 4.3.
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The thing that kind of weirds me out about the whole smart watch thing is this. It's going to have a constant Bluetooth connection, right? I use Bluetooth all the time. As soon as I get into my Jeep, it syncs. When I'm at work, I have BT headphones. So now, before those connections can be made, I'm going to have to switch BT off on my watch, right? You can't have two BT devices connected at once. Or am I misunderstanding how this works? Like the phone will only make a BT connection to your watch when it gets a notification or something? And if that's the case, when I'm either driving or using my BT headphones, it makes the watch essentially useless? Or do we simply not know yet?
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I think you CAN have multiple BT devices connected at the same time, just not multiple audio devices/headsets.
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bluetooth 4.0 low energy, btle, virgin mobile

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