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Default Entirely New To Android... Help!

So after many, many years of being a devoted BlackBerry user, I decided it was time to get into a DROID. I do not like change very much, but for obvious reasons, I just had to let it go.

I ended up purchasing the Motorola Mini and frankly, I bought it because it was small in size (I don't need a wide screen television as a phone), and because it has a LED notification (I do not like how iPhone users are constantly checking their phone). I like to lay my phone across the room and not worry about checking it over and over because I don't know if I've missed a call/text/etc.

Anyhow, I already have a few gripes with the phone. I will say, overall, it is a great phone and I like the 4G speed. A few things I don't like, and hoping to get help with:

1. Text Messaging - Is there any way to change the contrast of the incoming outgoing texts? I know there are tons of messengers out there, and I personal have downloaded Go SMS Pro. It's a cool app, but I think it's silly to have two message applications. I really wish I could change the look of the factory messenger. Another gripe: When I open an attachment from a text thread, and close it, the screen goes directly to the last text sent. Is there any way to change that? Why can't it close the attachment and back out to it's last location I the thread?

2. Gallery: Is there a way to organize my photos other than the factory settings? In other words, I don't need 25 folders for my pictures. If I save photos from different sites, they automatically save in a folder named after the web page. I don't like that. Why cant they all just fall into the downloaded folder? Then every time I want to save a photo, I have to go through an editing screen (crop, rotate, change to black and white, etc) before I can save it. Even my BlackBerry was easier to modify. This phone does everything, yet I cannot modify my own gallery the way I want it. And another question remotely related, why in the world are there two galleries? One called "Gallery" and the other called " "Photos" (I think that one is an Google+ app)... I cannot delete one or the other because they are factory apps. I feel this is redundant, especially when I want to open a picture and it asks which application would I like to open it with.

3. Email Push: Sucks. I have my email account set up correctly, and I have the Push setting to push automatically. I never receive important emails immediately. I either have to go in and manually refresh the inbox, and on other occasions, email will be pushed in clumps, with time stamps of several hours ago. Again, my BlackBerry was way better at this.

I know I'm comparing two totally different devices, but there should be no reason that the phone which can do anything is severely slacking in these areas. Actually, I hope it's me and being novice to the phone. Hopefully someone out there can help me out.

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Welcome to Android Forums Cuffm83. The friendly member here know you Mini well and are best suited to assist you. Good luck and thanks for joining and using these forums.
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1. Nope. Can't change the theme of the Messaging app, unfortunately. This is a long held gripe of many. Many choose to use a different SMS app, and just ignore the factory app (turn off notifications in Messaging). As a general rule in Android whenever you go 'back', you will see whatever screen you were looking at before you were on the current screen you're on.

2. I agree, the lack of customization in the Gallery app is frustrating. You will probably be better off using a 3rd party photos app, like QuickPic - you can tell it to only scan certain folders for images and ignore the rest. You can plug your phone into your PC and easily organize folders that way also. When I download images off websites on my Mini, they always go to the Downloads folder, so not sure why that isn't happening for you. The new 'Photos' app is tied to Google+ and eventually Google will probably kill off the old Gallery app. You can set Gallery as the default app when you open a photo - choose Gallery then 'Always'. You can also disable any apps you don't like via Settings>Apps>Pick App>Disable.

3. Haven't tried using push email on my Mini (because I use a POP account), but if I set the Email app to poll for new mail every 5 minutes, and it's more or less the same.

Good luck!
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