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Angry Huge data use?

Hi folks

I've been an Orange user for over 15 years as has my wife. Recently she upgraded from a brick to a Wildfire. Nice and she's well pleased EXCEPT when she gets the bill! She has 80mb included in the plan. Uses the 'net when in the house via WiFi, never via 3g anywhere.

This month? 104mb usage costing 68 in extra charges!!!

I have installed Traffic Stat which shows 1.6mb up and 2.5mb down over the last 2 weeks. NetCounter shows 15mb usage over the last week

WTF is using this data? I've unsynced stocks + shares and so on.

Any clues people? She's going to go spare in a minute and kill something and it may be me!

Thanks for you time


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not so huge data amount, but really expensive data cost.

so your wife went over her data limit by 24mb and get charged 68? That would be about 2.83 per mb.

This is from the Orange website.

61.3p per day, being rolled out to new and existing customers from March 2010*
Opt in to our current daily capped rate of 1.54
5 per month for 500MB of anytime mobile internet access
10.21 per month for 1GB of anytime mobile internet access
* We will be introducing a daily flat rate of 61.3p per day subject to a daily fair use limit of 25MB. This will apply automatically to new customers from 31 March 2010 for out of bundle data usage. Upgrading customers moving to a new talkplan will also get the new 61.3p per day flat rate automatically from 30 April 30 2010.

Existing customers will receive a text telling them when the new daily flat rate will apply. If you want to opt out of this change and remain on your current rate of 3.07MB, reply OUT to the text before the specified date. In the meantime, you can opt in to our current 1.54 daily capped rate.

Its worth calling customer services and politely throwing a few toys out the pram.
Also, if you have been with Orange 15 years it might be worth talking to customer retentions and getting a better deal that might include the 500mb of anytime mobile internet access.
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definitely have a chat to orange.
I got a 500mb for 5 and then they gave me 5 back.
Think it was called internet saver and they change it to that when I spoke to them
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Alternatively it should be possible to turn off mobile data so none will be used. It does seem rather a low limit though! I am on 750mb per month and "only " use about 400!

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I am on Pay Monthly with 500mb internet, yet in the first week its saying i have used virtually all 500mb!!! :O

i use Wi-Fi most of the time, cant see where the large amount is coming from
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jamiehd, did you get to the bottom of your data usage. I have a desire S, I rarley use for than 50% of my data allowance, but this month oranges on line billing says I have used all the 500 mb in 2 weeks plus over another 500mb, aint got a clue whats going on, so far I have 4 in data charges.
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That does sound ridiculous... I have read a thread in the last couple of days saying something similar though.

Speak to Orange... they will be able to sort it out. My wife upgraded (in store) to an SGS and went on the net (not excessively). She got 2 or 3 bills of 60ish and spoke to them... they could see that she had renewed her contract and, when she said that she had a new smartphone and had been told (again, in store) that she should be getting 500mb, they said they'd sort it... credit her account (not give the money back), but at least it means that they will not be collecting money off her for a couple of months!!
See something that needs Mod attention? Hit and let us know
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Might be unrelated, but see my thread http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s2/394688-sudden-increase-data-usage-how-do-i-find-out-cause.html.

I had 138.13 MB used in one day which I narrowed down to one app running without my knowledge. The app is AP Mobile. It does not need to be on your home screen to be actively downloading updates. I too am on Orange, but I don't think my issue was network provider related. If you have the app on your phone, use Traffic Stats Lite or My Data Manager to monitor how much data it is using (and it's worth checking your battery stats as it can eat that too).

This app does not appear to be a problem for all users, but it certainly has been for some.
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