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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
You havent provided facts. You've just said health insurance is fecked up in the U.S.A. so the solution is no health insurance. Thats ridiculous. Loads of countries have health insurance based healthcare systems and it works out fine and ok value.
Also I'm pretty sure its €1500 to get a broken arm seen to, not $15,000, even if you have twenty checkups bundled with that Thats still crazy mind, its less then €300 here in a private hospital because the state helps keep it that way (That is unsubisised FYI). Obviously if its a bad break you'll be off for pricy fancy scans which you'll have to pay out of pocket if you dont have insurance or dont go to a public hospital.
Emergency care: Playing the waiting game - Health News, Health - Independent.ie
^Might give you an idea
Yeah, $15,000 IS crazy. See here: Click me

Cheapest non-surgical you will get away with is about $2,500 give or take here in the states. This is quite a bit more than your $100-$300 wouldn't you agree? Kind of hard to relate your health care system to ours and say 'Well, you just need to insure everyone to solve it' because that will only insure our nation goes broke quicker than it already is... kind of like the Euro. We won't get into that for the time being. Surgical cost will be OVER $15,000 in most cases here in America. Keep in mind we're talking about a friggin' broken arm here and not something catastrophic or life threatening which skyrockets astronomically. I saw my mother's medical bills. Every single one of them. To say the prices were comical would be like saying Michael Jordan was a basketball player. No amount of insurance can protect someone from losing EVERYTHING with our prices what they are.

To give you an idea: Her initial treatment, a bi-lateral mastectomy, was over $100,000USD. That was just the initial procedure. Then she had to have nearly a year worth of bi-weekly chemo treatments that cost $40,000.... EVERY OTHER WEEK! Do the math on just those things and tell me what health insurance would pay that let alone all the rest of the incurred fees as a result of the treatments and the entire process. Until we get the prices of health care including medication under control no amount of insurance will help. All it serves is to make the pill easier to swallow (pun intended) which will actually allow them to increase the size of that pill even further. Trust me, it's what's been going on for decades in this country.

So forgive me if I don't agree that insurance is the answer because it's not. If you disagree, I'll give you my mom's phone number and you're welcome to call her and explain how insurance is the answer. Good luck with that.

...and I'm the insensitive one...

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Interesting as it is, the topic of discussion is not healthcare around the world but Mr Paul's bid for the Presidential nomination. Maybe it's best if people refocus on that.
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Highlights from last nights debate.
Ron Paul Highlights - South Carolina CNN Debate 01/19/12 - YouTube

I thought it was great that the audience held cnn to asking Paul questions as well. The moderator tried to pull that crap and the crowd ripped him.
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