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    I know some people are leary of editing system files, so I made some zips. Just flash in recovery. The mod_egl has the edited egl.cfg file and library file has been deleted. Download the stock_egl to return it back to stock.

    Developers - feel free to include this in your ROM, just show some love!!

    Update 10/22/2015: There was a defect with the mod zip (@Curtis1973), it wasn't deleting the library file. Don't know if it would cause an issue or affect the performance of the mod. I edited the updater-script to correct the problem.

    The new name is Please download and flash in recovery to correct any compatability issues that might arise.
    Tested: I flashed back to stock egl, then flashed the new zip. All fixed.
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  1. correction in zip, now lib file is deleted