Official Paranoid Android Pico Modular KitKat Gapps 2015-02-19

The official Paranoid Android Pico Modular KitKat Gapps package (91MB, works for most 4.4 ROMs)

  1. Skynet11
    Carrier Specific?:
    PA Gapps.png
    • We consider these apps as important as our ROM. It is sad that the ROM scene deals with so many broken/outdated or buggy packages
    • All packages should work fine on any custom Android 4.4.x ROM
    • All 4.4.x GApps packages and addons are compatible with both ART and Dalvik runtimes
    • Frequently updated Google Apps: Updates are posted as time permits by development team - development focus has shifted to Lollipop GApps
    • All apps are untouched, we do not change or modify Googles' applications but deliver them as-is
    • Automatic Backup: It is not necessary to re-flash GApps or modules when you flash a ROM update. Most ROM's support this function.
    • All installers measure your device's system partition size and will notify you, BEFORE making any changes, if it finds any problems
    • We offer several variations from a Google Stock Package (based on what Google ships on Nexus devices) to smaller, more minimal packages
    • All packages can be customized to your individual preferences using our exclusive Advanced Features and Options
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      This package is designed for users who want the absolute minimum GApps installation available.
      In this package you will find the core Google system base, Google Play Store, Google Bookmarks Sync, Google Calendar Sync, and the following Play Store applications:

      Google Play services
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