ROM OptiSlim: Unofficial SlimRom Lollipop Nexus 5 Build 2015-03-15

OptiSlim: an unofficial Lollipop SlimRom build for the Nexus 5

  1. Skynet11
    Carrier Specific?:
    Originally posted by aow1980
    The SlimRom Builders Collective
    First and foremost we would like to send out a huge

    There are simply too many people working in the background and foreground to name. None the less THANK YOU for all your help, support and mostly for the good times!!!

    Thanks to the SlimRom Team many users have started to create their own unofficial builds for personal use and for others to use, experience and enjoy with their respective unique setup.

    The SBC Builders:
    aow1980 (Hammerhead)
    efan3719 (Hammerhead, Flo, Falcon)
    ezio84 (Hammrhead, Mako)
    freak_97 (Grouper, Flo)
    Garrykd (Hammrhead, Mako)
    Grondinm (Flo, Mako, Hammerhead, Crespo)
    Hopper8 (hammerhead)
    inffy (Hammerhead, Shamu, Volantis (flounder)
    kantjer (bacon)
    letmedanz (Shamu, Hammerhead, Mako)
    ralpheboyo (Bacon)
    reS28raM (Hammerhead)
    Yank555 (Shamu, Hammerhead, Flo)

    From aow1980:

    This is for the OptiSlim builds I am doing. Will be doing my best to stay on top of things with time permitting it. Be sure to check out and follow the
    Google+ community.


    Added App Circle Sidebar
    Added Adjustable Scrolling Cache options

    Added Listview Animations ,Aokp Animations, Toast Messages
    Added Custom NavBar from Cm (thanks to @ezio84)
    Added Custom NarRings (thanks to @ezio84)
    Adjusted Scrolling cache settings
    Added Show 4 tiles in QS tiles
    Removed Layers from Settings
    Updated Layers App in build. It will now update from playstore
    Other minor little fixes and tweaks

    Rom Features :

    Built with UBER TC 4.8 toolchain
    Custom QS settings
    Custom Power Menu
    Network Meter
    Network Speed
    DPi Changer
    Expanded Desktop
    Clear Reecents in NavBar
    NavBar Dpi
    Weather in Statusbar
    Full Layers (RRO) compatability
    Additional Power Saver percentages

    Kernel Features:

    Built with UBER TC 4.9 toolchain
    Underclock and Overclock
    Gpu Overclock to 650mhz (Use at own Risk)
    Added Gpu interactive gov setting
    Added Goveroners: Slim, Nightmare, IntelliMM, IntelliActive, IntelliDemand, UberDemand, OptiMax
    Added I/O Schedulers: Fios, BFQ
    New Updated KCAL display commits
    Adjustable minumum brightness
    DoubleTap 2 Wake
    Usb FastCharge