RRO Layers Theme: Neon Purple by Jeremy Beck 2.0

A theme for ROMs that support RRO Layers

  1. Skynet11
    neonpurpledialer.PNG neonpurplegooglenow.PNG neonpurpleplaystore.PNG neonpurplequicksettings.PNG neonpurplesettings.PNG
    Disclaimer: You must use a ROM that fully supports Layers/RRO theming!!!

    MUST BE ROOTED and have the Layers Manager app!

    *Most layers should work on mdpi to xxxhdpi phones that are using compatible ROMs with Layers.

    For more information on the Layers project, go to the XDA thread for Official Layers and Bitsyko Apps at http://goo.gl/e6aZBL!

    Also, check out the Official Webpage and Forum for Layers at http://www.bitsyko.com!

    Applications Themed:
    - AOSP Browser
    - AOSP Keyboard
    - Calculator
    - Contacts
    - Desk Clock
    - Dialer
    - Framework
    - Gmail
    - Google Keyboard (change to Dark or Light Material in Google Keyboard Settings)
    - Google Messenger (Dark Background Now!!!)
    - Google Now (Velvet)
    - Google+
    - Hangouts
    - Inbox
    - Play Music
    - Play Store
    - Settings
    - SuperSU
    - SystemUI
    - YouTube