ROM TwistedSlim: Unofficial SlimLP 2015-02-19

TwistedSlim: an unofficial Lollipop SlimRom alpha build

  1. Skynet11
    Carrier Specific?:
    Originally posted by letmedanz
    The SlimRom Builders Collective
    First and foremost we would like to send out a huge

    There are simply too many people working in the background and foreground to name. None the less THANK YOU for all your help, support and mostly for the good times!!!

    Thanks to the SlimRom Team many users have started to create their own unofficial builds for personal use and for others to use, experience and enjoy with their respective unique setup.

    The SBC Builders:
    aow1980 (Hammerhead)
    efan3719 (Hammerhead, Flo, Falcon)
    ezio84 (Hammrhead, Mako)
    freak_97 (Grouper, Flo)
    Garrykd (Hammrhead, Mako)
    Grondinm (Flo, Mako, Hammerhead, Crespo)
    Hopper8 (hammerhead)
    inffy (Hammerhead, Shamu, Volantis (flounder)
    kantjer (bacon)
    letmedanz (Shamu, Hammerhead, Mako)
    ralpheboyo (Bacon)
    reS28raM (Hammerhead)
    Yank555 (Shamu, Hammerhead, Flo)


    From letmedanz:

    Many thanks to the Slim team and members of the main thread for all the inspiration & education

    - Latest Slim Source
    - RRO1 & RRO2 Layers theme support
    - Viper 4 Android
    - SuperSU pre-built
    - Layers app pre-built
    - Present Layers app in twisted tweaks, more added features moved to tt
    - Expandable Volume Panel with option to unlink notification volume
    - Customizable Battery Indicator
    - Customizable Network Indicator
    - Customizable Quick Settings
    - Added some cool QS like Compass
    - Adjustable NavBar
    - Long press Back to kill app
    - Long press Recents to switch apps
    - Clear All Recents
    - Disable search in Recents
    - Modded BootMsg Dialog Box
    - UI optimizations
    - Performance Optimizations
    - Twisted Tweaks
    - New twisted Tweaks logo
    - Partition Info
    - Added Battery save options
    - Systemwide Font Change
    - twisted BootAnimation