Recovery TWRP Bootloop fix ZIP stable

bootloop fix after OTA update

  1. HasH_BrowN
    Carrier Specific?:
    Zip FIXED
    Bootloop fix after OTA update.
    Made this for those that don't want to or don't feel comfortable entering commands.

    Flash in recovery.

    Tested that it passes TWRP.
    I haven't had a bootloop to fully test yet. Please provide feedback with any issues. Also please leave a review with star rating (1-5).

    I worked really hard to get this zip compiled properly for our community, brand new area of android for me. I hope you enjoy the effort. This zip would not have been made possible without the guidance and advice of @scary alien and @WarrantyVoider. Please give them thanks.
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Recent Reviews

  1. fearmenotgod
    Version: stable
    Great skills and work thank you so much for the contributing to help anyone that gains from the projects and things the community creates and shares.

    One small note : I rebooted into a stuck LG Lifes Good Powered by android
    ^screen that has not changed or booted for about 5 minutes now , this is Immediately after I flashed zip and success , then all I needed to do was reboot which I selected on the screen ( charger WAS connected through whole process) now It is at the LG boot logo screen and its stuck. Any advice?
    1. HasH_BrowN
      Author's Response
      Please read my reply to your feedback in the discussion tab