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Default Slow phone?

Hi there, I have the Exhibit II 4G and it is really really slow. I.e. I open text messaging and have to wait 7-8 seconds before the screen with messages appears.

I tried restarting the phone, I have no apps running when this happens, have around 150 apps installed, but nothing unusual, just popular apps like facebook, yelp, TED, etc.

Any ideas what I could do to speed it up a bit?

Thank you.

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Granted, I personally own a HTC EVO, however I have the same problem myself at times.

My guess that is that it has something to do with the memory on your phone.

A couple of suggestions that seem to work for me.

First, try clearing the cashe of each of your app.

Second, I would recommend try doing a battery pull. That will do a force boot and clear any errors.

Lastly, I personally recommend going into your setting and disable the 'Fast Boot' option. That way when you turn off your phone it completely turns off the phone and clears the memory.

Just my suggestions.
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Thread moved!
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I recommend rooting it. This phone was a turd when I first got it. It lagged really horribly and randomly would restart. Once I rooted it and removed all of the bloatware tmobile installed on it, it became 100% better with no lag at all.
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i have same problem
plz help this phone killing me to slow ???!
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Default Walmart phone is slow, surprised?

Mine is rooted, and if it's been idle for awhile it seems to take a bit longer to "get going"...i assume since everything is fine after this period it has something to do with it's battery saving modes. Nothing unbearable for me but the iphone doesn't do this. My only advice i can give is root to remove all the bloatware, remove all your widgets, fancy live wall papers, disable the lock screen and don't install anything on the SDcard. Then start adding back on features you want one at a time and monitor it's responsiveness over a couple days and weigh whether you really need those or a phone that doesn't stutter. The hardware on this guy is the limiting factor, slow small memory, slow cpu etc. But what can you expect from a phone geared to walmart shoppers, cheap is what it is as is everything else at walmart...the saving grace is once optimized this phone is a great bargain for what it can do and will the $30 data plan is a game changer.
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Format USB memory. Keep task manager available on home screen and use it. If that doesn't work for you, install go launcher and then install go launcher task manager. It seems to work for me, and go task manager will ask you to clear memory ass you use your phone. Also move as many apps s possible to you sd card. Also pull out the network card and sd card when you do a battery pull.
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