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Default What am I missing by not Romming


So I was looking through a couple of threads, particularly
What phone do you plan on upgrading to? and I notice everyone saying that they HAVE to have a Nexus phone for their next phone.

Now, I had originally rooted and put on a custom Kernel/ROM. But I lost my focus on updating it and found multiple bugs/errors over the months. And that's when I said "screw this, I'm going to unroot and just get my OTA updates".

Phone has been doing good over the last 3 months since I've unrooted. But am I wasting the Galaxy Nexus potential? How many of you run with the OTA standard updates? Should I reconsider rooting and putting on a custom Kernel?

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Did you only try one ROM? I personally don't really flash different kernels, but I like the extra features and less bloat of custom Roms. No way do I plan to unroot. Plus I hear my carrier, Verizon, isn't very quick with updates. I prefer the customization over the rare bug/error, and I mean very rare.
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I think the big thing the routers like is the fact that you can play with your phone and try all kinds of things. When I had my iPhone I Jailbroke it (iRouting) so I could tether and get apps I could not get otherwise. but I purchased my Gnex online unlocked and not through a carrier, so I can do that anyway. All I did was unlock the bootloader and never routed it. I may route it some day, but just for the fun of it.
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I use CM and there isn't much difference. I like it because you can customize the buttons at the buttom, and also change brightness by sliding on the status bar. The File Manager that comes with CM is nice...

What I've sacrificed is the almost-instant picture taking, the Galaxy Nexus was great at taking pictures until I started messing with custom ROMs.
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ROMs give more customization options than an OTA. Also, OTAs tend to have more bugs and the devs are so good, they usually can overcome the bugs and fix them as they go. You have to wait for bugs in OTAs to be fixed, which can take a long time. Devs can usually fix bugs quickly.
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Custom roms and or kernels can yield much more personal choice over over your device. There are some roms like Bugless Beast, JellyBelly, and CM that are mostly stock roms with some minor bug fixes and improvements. CM is much more of a favorite for devices that aren't AOSP devices for people that prefer that type of rom. But since the Gnex is an AOSP rom, it looses some of it allure IMO.

Then there are roms that yield lots of customization, such as JBSourcery and AOKP. These roms let you change many things about the ui or functionality of the device to truly make it yours.

The Rom I run, Eclipse, is somewhere in the middle so that it has some customizations, while being an efficient stock rom for great battery life. It also has the allure of being an inverted color scheme rom (mostly dark colors).

Kernels off different benefits such as overclocking for better performance, and underclocking/undervolting for better battery life.
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if anything i would at least run stock with a custom kernel so the battery life is better.
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