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Default what happened to my photos on my phone?!?!?

I have a Samsung galaxy s3. I've been taking many photos these few days. Just today, I realized that all my photos are missing! All 300 over photos are all gone! I don't mind about those photos I look few days ago, but my puppy's photos are all gone. Can someone help meretrieve them?

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Welcome to the forums, Jean.
Moved to the S3 forum.
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Are your photos saved to internal memory or the SD card? (Camera / Settings icon / Storage (phone or memory card)

If it's memory card, was your phone plugged into a computer when you noticed this? The SD card unmounts when connected to a computer and any photos on the external SD card would not show up in the gallery at that time.

If it's memory card, you might also try removing and reinstalling the SD card. A poor connection might not allow the card to be read and reseating it may help.

If it's phone, have you recently performed a factory reset? A factory reset will erase all internal memory, including any photos saved in the phones memory. Note: A factory reset will not erase the external SD card.
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Sometimes my photos will disappear too, for no particular reason. I'll just go back to my home screen and try the gallery again. Doesn't happen often, but haven't lost any photos. They're there, just not showing for some reason. Worst case, try a reboot and it works (for me).
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On my samsung galaxy tab, I notice something similar. Music or photos may disappear after a reboot. I usually see a brief message saying something like "media scanning" and they all eventually come back.

Connecting your device to a pc or using an explorer app may help you to find the photos or at least locate the directory.

If you inadvertently selected your photo album and deleted it, you are SOL.
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There's also an app called Rescan media on Google play and perhaps trying that will help your system find the pics
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Happened to me once with my Evo 3D had the phone in the sun to long (screen down under a towel ironically) and lost all my photos - a years worth! Got most of them back with a rescan program on my computer with an sd card reader but sometimes what happens is SD cards end up having an internal error or malfunction and sadly you lose everything in the process - also known as the card just going bad -

Could be an overheating issue, could be the card stopped working for whatever reason, could be mounting/unmounting issues, etc. best to get a new card if you get them back and do a transfer of files so you dont lose everything again
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