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Exclamation Issues started occuring once S4-GPE was rooted...

I'll spare everyone the long background details. Suffice it to say, I'm somewhat technical and decided to switch from iOS to Android to be able to tinker with my device.

Got the S4-GPE (4.3, everything updated). All worked well. My only issues were: USB Audio connection in car did not work anymore (no worries; most cars try to aim for the Apple folks anyway), and the SD Card was a huge disappointment because I couldn't freaking do anything with it. Other than that, no issues whatsoever.

Yesterday, I decided to root my phone. Used SuperSU v1.65. All seemed well. So I installed apps that would now allow me to really take advantage of being rooted (FolderMount, Titanium Backup Root, Root Explorer).

Used the root explorer to edit the registry appropriately to get around the SD write-protect issue introduced by Android 4.3. Found steps on how to do this online; appreantly it's a well-known work-around.

Used FolderMount to create links/shortcuts in phone memory to media folders on the sdCard (to free up space). Did this only for media; WhatsApp pics, Spotify songs, Titanium backups. Not for any actual apps/utilities.

Anyhow, while I was doing all of this, in my "rooted excitement", I started realizing that my phone wasn't behaving as expected:

1) When connected via USB to a computer the Phone was no longer recognized and opened as a USB device. I tried on a PC w/ Win 7 x64 with and without Samsung Keis software. I also tried on an iMac OSX w/ Samsung Keis for Mac. In either case, the S4 itself did say "Connected as a Media Device" and the Debug mode bean notification appeared as well.

2) Bluetooth stopped working.
Essentially, my Bluetooth toggle button is now permanently in the OFF position. When I try to turn it on, it slides over to ON for a few moments (without becoming lit-up), and the phone sits there trying to turn it on, and then promptly returns the slider back to the off position and I am still without Bluetooth.

I googled these two issues extensively and have realized that a lot of people are having them and they keep screaming that the 4.3 update is "broken".

Well, I can attest to the fact that these only started happening once I rooted the phone. I am determined to get to the bottom of it.

I have been going through the phone logs to see any/all error messages in there. Basically these lines are pretty repetitive in there and seem suspect for the Bluetooth issue, at least from what I can tell:
09-26 20:46:33.280 32033 32033 W Settings: Setting bluetooth_on has moved from
android.provider.Settings.Secure to android.provider.Settings.Global.
09-26 20:46:33.361 1163 1178 D skia : --- SkImageDecoder::Factory returned null
09-26 20:46:33.361 746 1268 W ContextImpl: Calling a method in the system process without a qualified user:
com.android.server.StatusBarManagerService.sendNot ification:175
com.android.server.StatusBarManagerService.updateN otification:782
com.android.server.NotificationManagerService.enqu eueNotificationInternal:1738
com.android.server.NotificationManagerService.enqu eueNotificationWithTag:1599
[/HIGH]Thoughts? Prayers?

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