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Default Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Screen Replacement Guide

This repair guide will show you how to take apart the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Which will help you perform a basic repair and help you with any problem you may come across such as a cracked or shattered touch screen digitizer, a damaged LCD screen, or other faulty internal parts such as buttons, speakers, and torn flex cables. So please use this repair guide to help you in the disassembly of your Galaxy S4 Mini and to help you replace parts and get your device looking and working like new again!

This guide will help with the installation of the following Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini parts:
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LCD + Touch Screen Assembly - Blue
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LCD + Touch Screen Assembly - White
  • Other Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini parts

Required Tools:
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Safe Open Pry Tool

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Repair Guide:
  • When starting this repair be sure that your device is completely powered off.
  • Now begin by removing the back battery cover. Note, to remove the cover itís best to remove it by lifting the tab near the power button. Once this is done, remove the battery and the sim card, and memory card (they are located directly beneath the battery).
  • (Figure 1) With a Small Phillips Screwdriver, Take out the ten (10) Small Phillips screws that are located on the back housing (circled in red).

  • (Figure 2.1 - 2.2) Once the screws have been removed you can now take off the back housing. Using a Safe Open Pry Tool pry between the seams of the housing and the screen assembly and glide the tool down all sides releasing the clips that hold the housing in place (including top and bottom).
  • With the back housing now removed, you will have to release all the motherboard connections in order to remove the motherboard.
  • (Figure 2.3) At the top left corner with some tweezers remove the small metal cover, which covers the camera and proximity sensor.
  • (Figure 2.4) There are now six (6) pop up flex cable connectors on the motherboard that need to be released and disconnected using the pry tool (all highlighted in green). Pop them up from under the connections and lift up to release them.

  • (Figure 3.1) You can now swing over the motherboard to the right (Be careful! There is still a cable connected from underneath the motherboard), lift up the left side carefully and slowly flip the motherboard to the right taking notice where its connected to the motherboard. During this step the ear speaker flex cable (top right) might fallout (this is fine), place to the side for your reassembly later.
  • (Figure 3.2) With the motherboard flipped out in the open, you will now be able to release the screen by releasing the flex cable. This will release the motherboard from the housing.
  • (Figure 3.3) After the motherboard has been removed, youíre now able to access and remove the main camera which is held in by its own jaw connector. Using the pry tool lift the black tab to the left of the camera, and lift and release the camera.
  • (Figure 3.4) The Headphone Jack located near the top right may now can be taken out at this point by gently prying up on this part.

  • (Figure 4.1) The next component that can be removed is the Vibrate Motor; this is near the top left (highlighted in purple). This part will take a little more effort because it is held down with surprisingly strong adhesive. It is important to use caution as the flex cable can be very fragile.
  • (Figure 4.2) Now using the pry tool remove the Dock Port flex cable, this is done by releasing the microphone (highlighted in orange) pry beneath the cable in order to loosen and remove it.
  • (Figure 4.3) Lastly, you will remove the sim card and micro SD card flex cable. To release the cable lift up on the tab, and then pull out the flex cable.
  • (Figure 4.4) You can lift out the flex cable using your pry tool. Use caution as the flex cable can be easily torn.
  • The disassembly of your device has now been completed.

Notice: Repairs Universe's guides are for informational purposes only. Please perform this repair at your own risk.

Paul Weatherley
Technical Specialist
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