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Originally Posted by NatGreen View Post
I'm in the same boat as the original poster.

I'm having a hell of a time syncing my music with my S4 with iTunes on my Mac.
I've tried Double Twist (which was crap) and so many other ones and none of them worked properly or allowed me to have playlists.

The one I like best so far is TuneSync which works well BUT (and it is a big one), for the life of me I can't get it to copy the music to my external SD card.

I've tried almost every pathway it allows me to select and the one I think it should be, it won't allow me to write to that folder.

Extremely frustrating. The iPhone definitely has this whole process down in comparison.

I do like the S4 better for other things but since I use it most for music, this is a big let down.

Any advice how to get TunSync to sync on my SD card would be helpful.

The best option for the least amount of future headaches would be to switch over completely to google play (play music) instead of using iTunes at all. I spent an entire evening uploading all of my personal music files to Play Music, now anything added to the folder on my pc will automatically upload to Play. Then just make your purchases through play store. It's nice for me because it doesn't matter what device I'm using I can also log onto my google acct and have my music, movies,etc. wherever and whenever I want. Just a suggestion

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This is really very simple. Google is an ad company. Everything they do is in pursuit of selling ads. Including Android. Their business model or selling ads is to get as much information as they can about you and sell it.
Apple is a product company. They do some ads but nothing like Google. They collect a fraction of the information that Google does and they don't give it to anyone else. Not even developers. They also don't allow apps to collect information willy nilly.

Originally Posted by jj14x View Post
Fair enough. I (my opinion only) believe that there is no practical way on earth that I can keep my Email/contact/calendar information out of various data mining companies. Email, by its very nature, has to be transmitted across servers, and at the very minimum, the transmitting and recipient servers will have copies of it. Same thing with contact Email addresses. Contact addresses and Calendar information - sure. Local copies could work - but is cumbersome to me, to not have that information available to me on other devices.
But given that you are sensitive/careful about that information, I see your point about not wanting to share that.

Whether Apple has illegally stolen data or did that legally based on the fine print in their agreements/T&Cs, all I can tell you is this - I have run a sniffer, and while I couldn't see the exact data being sent (encrypted), I don't see any reason for itunes to be sending several gigs of data every week (not talking about receiving updates - I'm strictly referring to outbound transmissions) to Apple (and other) servers. I noticed this because my connectivity was painfully slowing down (I was on a low-speed internet connection then), and was forced to figure out what was using up the bandwidth.

No, I have never used iCloud, and this is with iTunes years ago, when I had just downloaded and installed iTunes for use with my iPod. The only "Accept" button I had clicked was the one needed to launch iTunes.

Refer my link to the article explaining where apps were pulling your data illegally.

Ok. I don't really mean to get into an argument, but this is something that I have debated about (with myself) for a long time. "Why?" So, what if I store my contacts/calendar on Google servers? Besides the obvious advantages, what exactly are the issues with that? (I'm not saying that it is perfectly ok/safe to do so -I don't know, and this is a genuine question).
I use "Google now", and find it incredibly useful. Obviously, it works only if I store my info with Google.
What can google do with it?
  • Will they spam my friends/co-workers on my contact list? (no evidence yet)
  • Will they use it to help the govt if I do something illegal? (well, govt will get what they want - regardless of what you share, and what you don't)
  • Will they use my information to show me ads on the browser? They are going to show me ads no matter what. This just lets them show me relevant ads (which I promptly block using adblock.)
Again, please understand that I am in no way trying to argue that it is ok to share your information with the giants. It is your info, and you have your reasons for your choice. Perfectly valid, because it pertains to you.
Personally, I gave in a while ago, because I didn't see a reason to not do that. Who knows, I may regret that choice in a few years

Agreed. Google doesn't really make it easy to keep your information to yourself. Not only that, they really don't encourage us to use non-google applications. Unless you are a paying google-apps user, you can't really sync your outlook contacts/calendar with google - there are third party applications that claim to do that, but why wouldn't google offer that? Because they want people to use their services. Sucks that they don't encourage syncing with other online services, but it is their choice.

Thanks for this (civil) discussion - it is appreciated
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Originally Posted by snookie View Post
This is really very simple. Google is an ad company. Everything they do is in pursuit of selling ads. Including Android. Their business model or selling ads is to get as much information as they can about you and sell it.
Very true.

Originally Posted by snookie View Post
They collect a fraction of the information that Google does and they don't give it to anyone else.
You have read their privacy policy? Apple - Apple Customer Privacy Policy - read the "Disclosure to Third Parties" section.
Unless you somehow know exactly what information they share today, I don't think you can make that statement (about them not giving this information to anyone else) with certainty

Originally Posted by snookie View Post
Not even developers. They also don't allow apps to collect information willy nilly.
Umm - they do. iOS Apps can request permissions from the user (just like Android does). Developers don't really need to go Apple to get information - they can just get it from the user's phone directly. (till last year, an iOS bug would let any app get contact info from your address book, with or without your explicit permission - iOS apps and the address book: who has your data, and how they're getting it | The Verge)

Also, from their privacy policy, they reserve the right to share customer information with companies that provide services to customers... so unless you know that Apple is not exercising that right, you shouldn't really assume that they are not sharing that information.

Net Net - if you use an internet connected device (be it any OS), don't expect your information to be 100% private and secure.
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Anyone who thinks that their phone os manufacturer is not taking all the info they can is....well, sad. As for transferring files, iTunes is clunky, period. How can you get any more simple than drag and drop on a windows pc? Thats why i like it (androids method), barbarically simplistic. Either way, good to see another convert. Anything to take money from the commies in cupertino. Viva la Android!!!
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