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1 - Have to scroll all the way up on Google images... (on the iPhone you just tap the status bar and it would go directly to the top)

2 - Default mail app wouldn't sync automatically or wouldnt delete messages

3 - Can't listen to music on speaker face up or it blocks the sound cause of the crappy speaker placement

4 - it's hard as a MF to plug in your charge cable, you have to actually be looking at the port or whatever it's called or else you'll fail for a minute or five

5 - Music player feature, mainly when you click on MUSIC GENRES it just blends in all the albums/songs together instead of separating them

A lot more but don't wanna type anymore

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Originally Posted by jack58 View Post
Explain why? If it was better that touchwiz, Samsung would be using it.
I like most of what Samsung offers, I just tweak it some.
The bolded (by me) statement is just silly. Samsung uses in-house software developers. It's not going to buy software from 3rd parties. There are plenty of apps that are better than the apps included with Samsung phones.

As far as why Nova Prime is better:

1. Folders in the app drawer make it much easier to find things quickly.
2. The ability to hide apps from the app drawer. If you have an app icon on a home screen, you don't have to have that icon duplicated in the drawer.
3. The ability to customize the dock. Remove the drawer icon if you want, make it scrollable side to side, have more icons in the dock.
4. Customize the icon grid on home screens, so you can have more icons, or fewer larger ones.
5. Gestures!. Open apps, or the app drawer, or perform other actions just by tapping or swiping on a home screen. May not sound like much, but gestures are very powerful.
6. No lag, no stutter. It's simply smoother and faster than TW.

There's more, but these are the key things that make Nova Prime worth it to me.
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After a recent update when power saving mode is on it now says so in the notification bar, which takes up valuable space. No way to turn it off that i can see, apart from turning off power saving mode obviously. Also shows an icon, not needed. Does the same if you also restrict background data in the power saving options. Annoying.
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I would like to name my biggest annoyance:

Notification badges

Android did away with the need for them, why did samsung think they needed to put them on here? Especially with no apparent way of disabling them
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Default Is S5 really that good?

I hope you don't mind but this thread gets a lot of views and I need some incite on the Samsung S5. My 4 year old daughter trashed my iPhone 4s (yup it's a toilet story) and my business partner is telling Android is the way to go. I purchased an LG F3 (cheap) to experience Android and uploaded Google Now last month to get more functionality. First annoyance is that now my email icon doesn't notify me with a number count about messages. Second my messaging now doesn't allow me to view past messages, I need to send a text to someone to see their thread. Voice dialer takes forever to get the right contact and then i have to tap the screen for the call to connect, it isn't accepting an additional voice command to make the call? Overall it just feels clunky and unstable.

My point - is this just because the LG F3 is apiece of crap and I shouldn't be judging Android running on this phone. If i went to an S5 would you expect a drastic improvement in my experience?
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