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    I work for a cell phone refurbishing company called "Thebluedot.net" I am looking for the firmware version for the Devour for firmware version 01.15.10P which I believe gives the Devour A555 Android version 2.1.

    Android Version 2.1 fixes issues with Signal 3G, & WiFi, along with Camera issues & force closing.

    I have only found version 01.15.08P online and am looking for the firmware

    CALAND_X_01.15.10P_CUSTOMER_UPGRADE_01.sbf.gz which brings this device to 2.1

    The firmware released in 2010

    Here is what I found out so far:

    IRC Log for #milestone-modding on irc.freenode.net

    which has the link

    this link is wrong now the new link if it did exist would be

    Under https://rsd.motorola.com/

    I would appriciate any help in obtaining firmware version 01.15.10P or higher.

    Thank You


  2. Followmy6

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    So I found the firmware version 01.15.10P and hosted on 4shared

    CALAND_X_01.15.10P_CUSTOMER_UPGRADE_01.sbf.gz - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download - Chuck Snyer

    I had orignally thought that 01.15.10P would bring the device up to 2.1 but it is still at 1.6

    Baseband Version

    Kernel Version 2.6.29-perfe50407@ca25rhe85 #3
    Build number

    Firmware Version 1.6

    System Version



    After downloading and installing the 1.15.109 software release, you will notice:


    + Improved V CAST Video On-demand live streaming capabilities.
    + Updated over the air notice screens.
    + Overall voice mail improvements.
    + Streamlined Contacts and Messaging Contact History functions.
    + Optimized 3G coverage in marginal areas.
    + International domains supported in Yahoo!(R) email user IDs.
    + Ability to receive Mobile IM messages even when your device is power down


    + Instantly know your location with the preloaded CityID application.

    Still in search for android version 2.1, however this was the last firmware that Verizon & Motorola supported.

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