[02/Nov/2011] Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (Swiftdroid) CM 7.1 For LG GT540 [New Method]

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  1. cagsabit

    cagsabit Member

    Install Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread (SwiftDroid) For LG Optimus GT540

    NEW UPDATE-02/November/2011

    Previous Version 06/October: Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread SwiftDroid v2 RC5

    New Version 02/November: Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread SwiftDroid v2 ASIS


    +Updated CyanogenMod.
    +Improvement RAM
    +Updated Recovery

    +Updated Android 2.3.7.
    +Updated CyanogenMod.
    +Bug Fixes.
    +Native improvements of the new version 2.3.7

    +Updated CyanogenMod.
    +More Improvements in system stability, Android faster and more fluid.
    +Mods in native calendar.

    +Updated, Android 2.3.5.
    +New improvements of the new version 2.4.5 native.
    +Bug Fixed, Now Bluetooth Headset works.

    +Improved system stability, Android faster and more fluid.
    +Added a new option to change the wallpaper on the lock screen.
    +An increased level of 3D performance.
    +CyanogenMod was updated.
    + Android automatically detect the swap partition (this is only when you create the swap partition in SD card, not related to manual swap creation mode by Swapper app)

    +Bug fixed, operation media buttons headset.
    +Added a new improvement that changes the operation of the volume buttons with the screen orientation.
    +Added LG Stock Keyboard.
    + CyanogenMod was updated.
    +Added ability to take screenshots without 3rd party applications (longpress powerbutton and see a new list item).
    +Fix bug FM-radio sound through the speaker
    +Fix bug problems hearing the volume during calls.
    +Fix bug ThemeChooser
    +Transfer all file types via Bluetooth.
    +Slightly decreased vibration power.

    ***If your phone has 2.3.x. BEFORE UPDATE, YOU NEED TO DELETE THE DALVIK-CACHE, turnoff the phone, press HOME + POWER buttons for several seconds or easier with the phone on, press the power button for several seconds,in menu choose 'Reboot', then choose 'Recovery'. The phone will reboot in Recovery,then in menu recovery select 'advanced', then select 'Wipe Dalvik Cache' and choose 'Yes', then reboot. You can update to the new version without losing any information, contacts, settings, apps, etc, do not need to back up, to update turn the phone off and activates Fastboot Mode (CAMERA + POWER) and connects to the PC, open the EXE Android235GT540 that are in the section 'What do we need' and follow the instructions of the installer and select UPDATE button.
    But if you want to erase everything and reinstall the new version then activates the fastboot mode on your phone and connects to PC, open the exe Android235GT540 that are in the section 'What do we need' and follow the instructions the installer and select INSTALL button.

    *** If your phone has the Android version 1.6 or 2.1 or 2.2 and want to have the new version Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread, You can't use the UPDATE button in the intaller. you'll have to install complete installation selecting INSTALL button and start to installing fastboot rom on the phone, and then install Android 2.3.7. For do it, starts from step 1 of this tutorial.

    ===Some users have told me they do not find the market in the app drawner. if you have the same problem, then go to this address in Root Explorer /system/app/ and looking for an app that says "vending ", just open it and install it, after reboot phone and the market will be on app drawner


    This tutorial is for all LG GT540.

    What do we need?



    +Download KDZ Updater. (Include KDZ Updater, RomFastboot, drivers & utilities) Download

    +Download Android 2.3.7 Setup (2/Nov) Download

    +Download Rom Europe Open Download


    1- During installation, all your data will erase (contacts, configurations, data and applications installed), but if you dont want to lose the information, you should make a backup using an app for backup from market.

    2- To install Android 2.3.7, you need to first have a fastboot rom installed on the phone. If your phone already has a rom with fastboot skip to step 11.

    3- Install msxml.

    4- Then install the necessary drivers for your GT540 to be recognized, for this installLGAndroidDriver_WHQL_ML_Ver1.0_All_Win7-Vista (you can use this for XP, Vista and 7).

    5- Run KDZ_FW_UPD. Change

  2. Phantogenic

    Phantogenic Well-Known Member

    Nice post but you may want to check Here
  3. cagsabit

    cagsabit Member

    The grand diference betwen is my exe created and i integrated new method to update without lose data,apps,etc.
  4. x-treme

    x-treme Well-Known Member

    You might want to change that to "Im mexican but i can help you". ;)
  5. cagsabit

    cagsabit Member

    sorry, i wrote wrong, thanks.
  6. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    It will look a lot better if you make the text size smaller :D
  7. cbalcombe96

    cbalcombe96 Member

    ive done all of these steps exactly now i am up to the stage where you actuallty install 2.3.4. i boot into fast boot and then i go ito the program do all of the steps and in the command prompt it says (waiting for Device) it just sits there. when i was installing fast boot i was having siome problems it got to number ip something 163 on the pc and it was stuck on download mode on the phone and i took the battery out. and then i booted to fast boot, it wont let me go to the software it just gets stuck at the lg logo. is it ment to do this. if so how do i fix it?
  8. pRoSpA

    pRoSpA Active Member

    Hold the camera button down and start the phone, then go through your steps again until it says "waiting for device" and connect it. If it doesn't recognise the phone there are some drivers you may neeed to reinstall on your computer. Theyre steps in the guide though.
  9. cbalcombe96

    cbalcombe96 Member

    so connect my phone when it says waiting for device? as i was typing this is came up and it just worked ill tell you how i do.
  10. cbalcombe96

    cbalcombe96 Member

    yes, it worked 2.3.4 is on my gt 540 one problem there is no 3G internet. im in australia and wit optus
  11. x-treme

    x-treme Well-Known Member

    (I'm using 2.1, it may be a bit different)
    Ok, here's how to set up 3G internet + MMS.
    1. Go to Settings --> Wireless & Networks --> Mobile Network Settings --> Access Point Names.
    2. You should see a blank list. Press "New APN".
    3. Fill in the following:
    Code (Text):
    1. Name: Optus Yes Internet
    2. APN: yesinternet
    3. Proxy:
    4. Port:
    5. Username:
    6. Password:
    7. Server:
    8. MMSC:
    9. MMS Proxy:
    10. MMS Port:
    11. MMS Protocol (Android 2.1+): WAP 2.0
    12. MCC: 505
    13. MNC: 02
    14. Auth Type: PAP
    15. APN Type: internet or default
    Press "Save". You should go back to the "Mobile Network Settings" page.
    5. Turn on 3G (mobile network) and test it out. Hopefully, it worked. If not, then recheck and make sure you filled in everything correctly.
    6. If it worked, you'll probably want to set up MMS too. Go back to the "Access Point Names" page, and press "New APN".
    7. Fill in the following:
    Code (Text):
    1. Name: Optus MMS
    2. APN: mms
    3. Proxy:
    4. Port:
    5. Username:
    6. Password:
    7. Server:
    8. MMSC: http://mmsc.optus.com.au:8002/
    9. MMS Proxy:
    10. MMS Port: 8070
    11. MMS Protocol (Android 2.1+): WAP 2.0
    12. MCC: 505
    13. MNC: 02
    14. Auth Type: PAP
    15. APN Type: mms
    Press "Save". You should go back to the "Mobile Network Settings" page.
    8. Test it by:
    A. Sending a friend a MMS.
    B. Getting a friend to send you a MMS.
    I recommend that you do both, to make sure it works both ways.
    Hopefully, it worked. If not, then recheck and make sure you filled in everything correctly.
    9. ???
    10. PROFIT!

    Data from Ausdroid.
    Happy surfing! :)

    - x-treme
  12. x-treme

    x-treme Well-Known Member

  13. cbalcombe96

    cbalcombe96 Member

    On the top for 3g apn type. Is it inter
  14. cbalcombe96

    cbalcombe96 Member

    dont worry i fixed the 3G i wrote default instead of internet
  15. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    I have a method to upgrade without loosing data in my post - updating through recovery, which doesn't require the user to have their phone connected to the PC
  16. cagsabit

    cagsabit Member

    upgrade via recovery say installation aborted and fail. :)
  17. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

    Only M5 & it doesn't fail totally... Only flashing boot.img fails which can be flashed manually via fastboot...
  18. anniirfan

    anniirfan New Member

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  19. Nirob

    Nirob Well-Known Member

  20. dudeman1996

    dudeman1996 Well-Known Member

    This only happens for v2.0 M5, bearing in mind that v2.0 is still in beta and has bugs. It was only boot.img that didn't flash anyway, so all you had to do was flash it manually
  21. Rub472

    Rub472 New Member

    A question: If it doesn't work for me, how do I get back to android 2.1?
  22. biep

    biep Member

    Well, this is incredible !! Worked for me !! However it didn't go without some issues. I also encountered "waiting for device", so I didn't know what. I did install some drivers a day earlier, but they didn't seem to work properly. However in the KDZ update map you can find the installer for the right drivers. You didn't mention it explicitly, but I found out myself (or am I wrong ?). I took the risc of bricking my phone because I never modded my phone before, so this was all new to me. What I did during a day or 2 is reading out everything very good and letting it penetrate my mind. Learned a lot about rooting, fastbooting and what it all meant. So I started up the process. Had to redo it 2 times (only because of my impatience) and suddenly !!!!! it worked.haha !!! I now have the gingerbread on my gt and loving it. Seeking out the language whas a bit difficult because some russian letters changed a bit so I couldn't be sure. Tried some and there it was ! Even in dutch ! Unbelievable. I am a woman and 47 years old and I could do it, so with a bit of patience, studying the tutorial and reading on the web, you should get there. Leaves me to express my admiration to the people who developped this rom and those who take the effort to explain it propperly to semi-noobs and noobs or whatever.
    Do you know i had most fun while studying it and installing it ?
    I became smarter again ;-)
    Thx guys !!!
  23. iRhyiku

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  24. hitman87

    hitman87 Well-Known Member

    can i access internet using GPRS in GT540 if i install Android 2.3 in GT540?
  25. biep

    biep Member

    I've modded my LG with this rom and now I cannot set a ringtone. I assign one but when the phone rings he chooses a song out of my media map, and I cannot change it. Tried almost everything. Can anyone help me with this ?

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